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How can i make my mistake look like my dads?

Asked by Rayvin14 (351points) July 9th, 2009

I have cracked the screen in my mini acer laptop. My dad has asked to use it tomorrow and he is going to flip out if he knows I did it. What Can i do to make it look like he did it?

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you could apologize and offer to pay for the repair :]

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You should take responsibility for it.

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Don’t. Man up.

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‘fess up and email him a link to this page

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patq7590 & cwilbur – i know, and im going to pay for it, i just have no clue where to get it fixed, or how much it will cost:/

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@Rayvin14 , your biggest problem isn’t the broken laptop. It’s that you would actually consider being so dishonest to your father.

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You’ve got a few more hours on this deal .

I agree with those who say take responsibility (and also with @SirBailey‘s assessment). How did you break it, by the way? He is going to ask that. I sure would. If it was something really dumb, maybe that’s what you should think about now—how you’re going to correct whatever led to that mistake.

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You should put it outside his door after he goes to sleep – when he wakes up, he’ll open the door, and it will hit the laptop.

“Dad look what you’ve done!”

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Show your dad your grown up.

Go to him with a plan.

Stay calm no matter what he throws at you.

Accept responsibility for your actions.

Don’t make excuses to try and lesson his reaction. In the end you will come out MUCH better I promise you!!!!

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@Rayvin14 I work at a computer repair shop here in Michigan, depending on the cost of the lcd screen and/or the bezel and or the inverter. (dependin on how badly you broke it) it would cost you the parts + 95/hr for the service. so best case scenario $150, worst case $290 i’d say.

Whoa didn’t even think to check woot-good call Jeruba! yeah thats most likely your best bet, those things are getting so cheap repairing them is not really all too viable anymore. :/

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It will be expensive and you would have to find a laptop repair shop. Jeruba’s idea might be the most cost-effective one. You need to confess, if only to keep from being murdered.

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Toss it to him wildly, ensuring he’ll drop it.

When he opens it up and realizes the screen is cracked exclaim, “OMGAH YOU BROKE IT”.

Then say he’s a dolt for not catching it.

Seriously, just tell him the truth.

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Just hide it and deny that you know where it went.
Then blame the dog.
He blames the dog every time he farts.

By the way. You all got lurve for telling him to Man up.

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Thanks everybody, im going to do it:/

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@Rayvin14 – GOOD FOR YOU!!! Way to go!

Let us know how it goes!

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That’s the best decision. If he’s gonna freak out about it he probably isn’t a great father… There are far worse things in life.

Hell, in a few years you may be crashing his car.

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@dverhey Painful… memories… of… crashing pops… car… must… suppress…

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@Bri_L haha! i will, if im allowed to get on the computer. (:
@dverhey well he probably will, but you can still see stuff on the screen so, oh well.

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@Jeruba i stepped on it:/ and i have started to fix the reason i broke it, i cleaned my room, and started a diet(:

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@Rayvin14 Good man.


Saving the World, One Impressionable Youth at a Time™

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You are VERY bad. You need to be spanked.
And for Gods sake, take the garbage out already!

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Well everybody, hes pissed. Hooray:( I wish he got that it was an accident.

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What you should do is dive in front of a moving car on your street.

When your dad visits you in the hospital, tell him about the laptop right as his eyes begin to water at the site of your broken body.

Oh wait, you told him already? Dam…

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I think we all need to give him some LURVE.

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i wish you had given me that idea before hand, damn, thats a really good idea

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@Rayvin14 I came in to this late but I really admire you taking responsibility the way you did. Your Father may not be happy right now but he would have been far more unhappy had you taken the deceitful route and were caught in a lie.

As parents we might get upset in the short run but in the long run we really do admire honesty and value it even more than the cost of a computer screen.

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@Dog , thanks, he is pretty mad, but he asked for the number for best buy, so idk if he plans on calling about it, or if he has other ideas, oh well.

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anything but best buy!

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They are a big over bloated scam. That silly Geek Squad.
Look for a local computer repair shop.

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I remember I broke a laptop my dad gave me when I was about 12 or so. It was nothing too fancy, but I was using it on my bed and somehow it fell off and landed on the ground and the screen cracked and it was unusable after that. I hid it under my bed and pretended like nothing happened. Then about 2 weeks later, my dad asked me how the laptop was working out. I told him that it was broken. He said that I should’ve told him when it happened; he felt bad that I felt like I had to hide it from him.

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By the way @Rayvin14 Welcome to Fluther!

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When you think about some politicians making huge mistakes, or star athletes talking in front of juries, the only thing that consistently gets people in much deeper trouble than the original act of wrongness is if they lie about it. Even criminals come out better if they fess up. For some reason, coming clean makes the public feel better. It’s the lying that we can’t tolerate.

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Good for you, @Rayvin14. Even if he’s mad, you have only the one sin on your conscience, not two. And doing this will make you stronger rather than weaker, like any form of exercise.

You might also resolve not to leave your computer on the floor any more.

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Way to take the high road there. I’m impressed.

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Good job, @Rayvin14 – You are definitely showing signs of maturity. Your dad is certainly upset with you, but probably secretly proud that you owned up to your error.

And as @Jeruba says, you probably won’t leave a laptop on the floor again.

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I’m so happy that you didn’t try to blame it on you dad! (He wouldn’t have believed it, anyway) I’m a mom and believe me, in the long run, you’ll feel much better that you told the truth.

Sorry about your computer!

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