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How would one go about filing a complaint against a coworker who has been physically violent towards and is now harassing him or her?

Asked by liehes (38points) July 9th, 2009

The person was “talked to” by management, but no further action has been taken. The person has since made further harassing comments and threats, and still no action from management.

What to do?

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Call the police and get a restraining order?

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If you are prepared for the long haul, advise management in writing that you are retaining counsel and filing an EEOC complaint, because they are not providing a safe workplace unless you see action from them. If at all possible, include dates of meetings, names of management and what steps they told you that were taking. Then note in the letter that those steps have not been taken and the harrassment is continuing.

Put a sign up in your cube saying that the area is being videotaped with audio. Then stick up a nanny cam.

You need to know that it will be a long haul, and even if you are successful, the process is likely to take a serious toll on you.

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@Marina Good point. Thank you.

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Tell your boss if something is not done, RIGHT NOW! You will call the police.

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Physical violence should be reported to the police. Battery is a crime and like all cases that include violence a paper-trail is vital.

I would inform management In writing that you are concerned for your safety and that you will involve the police the next time he threatens or harasses you.

If you are seriously worried about your safety you may be better off looking for another job.

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You need to involve police and, I’m sorry to say, get a lawyer to tell your boss and HR Department about the hostile environment. Also, look for another job.

After I got a lawyer involved with a problem I had on my job, they looked at anything they could to get rid of me.

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I am starting a new job very soon anyway, but I am concerned that his misogynistic attitude and tendency towards grossly inappropriate remarks and behaviors will continue and be directed towards other employees, especially women. It is not an office or remotely professional environment, so the atmosphere is definitely more lax, but I am of the opinion that throwing things at and publicly berating a coworker is unacceptable in any environment.

I hesitate to get lawyers or police involved at this stage because I am moving on to bigger and better things, but I do worry about his future behavior. I am also confused as to why management is not taking this incident seriously. In the very least, I would like this person to be fired, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Unfortunately, he is very good at “bullshitting” and the managers are unable to see through his act.

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call the police, get a lawyer and have your bf kick the living shit out of the guy.

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Without evidence, HR wot be able to do much. Forward any outright harassing emails to HR. Get a micro cassette recorder and record him.
Police should be involved if there’s violence taking place.

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Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Contact your supervisor’s supervisor and HR.

If you’ve been to your boss, and s/he hasn’t done anything about it, you could sue the company for hostile work environment. Especially, if it’s severe and persistent.

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@liehes, you have another job? Good! Then don’t burn your bridges. You reported the guy, you might have another chance at the exit interview if there is one, then leave it alone. You did all you could do. Don’t frustrate yourself trying to get this jerk fired. He might be related to the boss.

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