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How do you import a font into InDesign?

Asked by melinda (8points) July 9th, 2009

I have the font in a zip drive but have never used InDesign and can’t figure out how to import it into the doc…

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You don’t. You activate the font on your computer and InDesign will recognize it.

Mac—> use Font Book
Windows—> good luck?

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sadly- he’s exactly right haha

I only know how to install fonts on windows manually :/

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What @PupnTaco is true. If you’re on Windows XP, the path to drag and drop your font files manually should be: your Windows partition, usually C: / the WINDOWS folder / the Fonts folders. If you’re on Vista, sorry I never used it and don’t know if the path has changed since XP.

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Start > Control Panel > Fonts > (Drag your selection into this folder.)

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Drag to this folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts (at least, it works for me).

I do remember InDesign being a bit odd sometimes about sensing fonts and I think this has to do with its own built-in fonts (in Windows at least). I have never used it on a Mac and haven’t used it recently…

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on vista: you can search for “fonts” in the “search for…” panel and your fonts folder will be found. Then copy the drive into the folder and indesign will add it automatically….

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