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How to enable autoscroll using mouse track wheel in MS-Word 2003?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) July 9th, 2009

I need to activate this on my computer but Control Panel/Mouse only gives me options relating to the line scrolling rate. I want to be able to “auto scroll” which would allow me to scroll through large documents quickly and at a consistent rate. Please help!

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Press your scroll wheel, the cursor changes to somewhat similar to a circle and four arrows. Slowly, move your mouse up/down/right/left to let it start autoscrolling.
Try moving your mouse fast and away from that circle to increase rate or speed of scrolling.

To change back, click rotate/scroll the scroll wheel again, the circle/round will disappear.

You may even try here when typing your answer on fluther (in Answer this question text field or text editing box or whatever)! (of course, the text should be lengtthy enough, you should see scroll bars)

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@prasad That’s the whole issue though. The cursor does not change into the circle with arrows at all.

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Ehh…may be, you can try another mouse.

Otherwise, you may use document maps, a word feature made to make document navigation easier. In Word 2007, it is in View tab on ribbon, in it Show/Hide section, then tick/check the document map. Click on headings or text available in it to go to that page.
You can also use Go To (ctrl + G) to go to a particular page/section/...

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Go in control panel->mouse->Wheel and set your scrolling options.

Aha, this one works! Word autoscroll without a mousewheel.

In word 2007, go in Word Options->Customize. Then, from “Choose commands from” drop-down select “All commands”. Then, in the list below, go to “Auto Scroll” and add that button to the quick access toolbar. Click that button, the cursor changes to up and down arrows. Move your mouse to autoscroll.

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