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Looking to buy laptop, but from where?

Asked by musicman997 (105points) July 9th, 2009

Im going off to college to get drunk, chase girls, and go streaking, and it seems I need a laptop to do this….Im thinking the dell xps studio 13. The obvious vendor is rather expensive. Bestbuy is offering the same laptop with pretty nice specs at a few hundred cheaper than if I got it from Does anyone know where I could get it cheaper, maybe at a 3rd party site that I havnt heard off, or is anyone selling a brand new one? Thank you fluther nation.

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Never had any problems with them.

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The Apple Store. Apple has a great promotion right now for college students. Buy a mac and get a free iPod touch. (Or a 5–10% discount)

Or you could try Best Buy. They have good Pcs for a great price!

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Bypass the Dell and go for the Apple. You can get a free printer and ipod with a pretty basic laptop. Go to your college where they are probably selling them in the bookstore, or go to the apple for education store online. You can probably get a no-interest loan from Apple too.

Trust me on this one. You may have to buy another Dell by the time you leave college, but your Mac will last you at least 4 years and will be AWESOME!

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Goddammit. I knew this would happen.

Look, I love my mac, but they are not for everybody. Especially people that are not just planning to go to college and party. He seems like he has done his research, and removed apple from his consideration.

Or maybe I’m just overanalyzing.

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@dverhey hahahaha I also had a feeling a few diehard mac lovers would try and impose their will on me. For everyone—I have chosen to stick with PC, I am very comfortable with the windows OS and interface. I’m up to suggestions for other PCs with similar capabilities as the studio xps. But Im pretty set on the xps, so just finding a bargain vendor is the problem now. Thanks

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Hey, suit yourself. I like macs, but I don’t really have an issue with PC’s.

Can you wait until september to buy? You will get a far more capable and secure OS then…

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@musicman997 Alright sorry. I wasn’t sure you would need a mac since all you would be doing is getting drunk and partying. In that case, Best buy has some good notebooks under 500$.

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If I buy the xps at Bestbuy it comes with a free upgrade to windows 7. Im expecting great things.

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dude, just don’t get vista

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Dell is expensive, but they have easy and convenient pay plans!

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what ever you do, don’t get an Acer!

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My dad just bought a little 1G from for less than $300. You can always put your software on a memory stick to conserve the space on the computer.

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And DO NOT get a Gateway!!!

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