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Are you able to let yourself be truly loved?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) July 9th, 2009

Do you feel like you have ever been truly, unconditionally loved (other than by parents, grandparents, etc.)? Is it hard for you to let yourself sink into it and just appreciate being loved or do you doubt and ruminate and wonder if it is too good to be true?

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Is it hard for you to let yourself sink into it and just appreciate being loved or do you doubt and ruminate and wonder if it is too good to be true?


Once I learn to fully love myself, warts and all, I think it will be easier to risk loving others and to accept that other people love me, warts and all, and to allow myself to feel that love.

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I once doubted it but I learned the person did truly love me

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Yes, I think there was another person who truly loved me.
He came on too strong and it make me uncomfortable at the time.
Looking back on it now, I realize how sweet and near perfect it was and I miss him.

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When I was younger I was always surprised when someone said they loved me, not that I am unloveable but it was always too soon when I was still in like. And no it wasn’t just to get me into bed because with each partner who said it-the 1st time was when we were already in bed. I really only felt a deep overwhelming love for anybody was when my husband was interacting with our new baby. It was like a shocking, physical jolt. In other relationships, I have told guys to please don’t day it because I felt if someone loves you and you don’t reciprocate it is too great a burden.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been truly loved. I feel closer to my sisters than my parents. I think they truly know me and truly love me. As far as a guy…I’m married, but most often I don’t think that he truly knows all of me and loves me. I’m on the same page as @Allie, I had someone when I was younger that I thought was clingy so I sabotaged the relationship. I now realized what we had was the closest I may ever get to true love… I miss him too.

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Yes I am! I can let go and feel free to experience all the joy, happiness and fear that comes with it.
Finding someone to truly love. That is the tricky part.

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Yes, now I can. For years I couldn’t. I know that it stems from what happened to me, years ago – but luckily, I really have moved beyond that moment.

There is a complete comfort and reassurance that I feel in my husband’s love. Sometimes, it’s like a warm blanket coming out of the dryer being wrapped around me. I just feel cozy. Other times, it’s the quiet confidence he has in me, encouraging me to do something or to try something I might otherwise be too afraid to try. Having his love in my life, it just works.

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I suppose I am.
I know my children truly love me.

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yes, three times so far. I lost my first two, and have been married to the third for nearly 35 years now.

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I am filled with self-loathing, so I feel I don’t deserve it. It’s unfair of me, especially towards my wife, who I love enormously.

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It took me 30+ years but I can finally say yes. My husband is the only man that ever stood by my side when I didn’t deserve it. I knew at that moment that he really loved me.

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I’m in about the same place as our dear @filmfann.

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to be loved or no to be loved.
i’ve been loved before but those dumbasses are too chicken to come to me!

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Yes, I’m fortunate in having the love of a few people for many years now.

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not yet… but I will be once I truly love myself… not long now… I’m a gettin’ there! :-)

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