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Why do men over 55 stop shaving?

Asked by horntoade (6points) July 9th, 2009
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My grandfather is 74 and he still shaves.

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omg…yes…they seem to feel they’re God’s gift over the age of 55. They can stop shaving, forgo haircuts, you name it! There ARE selective women over 55 who hate that.

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@horntoade where are these people? I dont know anyone like who your talking about.

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Where do you live? I’ve never seen anything like this.

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so what, big deal

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Maybe it’s because (like a woman having to constantly shave her legs) it just gets old after a while.. and at some point they just don’t feel like doing it anymore? Maybe because at 55, most men are set in their life.. no need to impress anyone.. likely married or not planning to be… what reason would they have for shaving?

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@NaturalMineralWater yeah right, although i prefer women with no armpit hair or leg hair, that is my hangup not theirs

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Do they?

I have seen beards on men of all ages, from the peach-fuzz teener who’s dying to look suave to the hoary old coot who looks downright Biblical. And clean-shaven gents of all ages, as well. Except in certain cultures where men’s facial hair is more than a matter of personal choice, I don’t see a basis for this generalization. You might as well ask why men over 55 wear golf shirts.

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Seems the demographic on this site is skewed elsewhere. Nite

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@horntoade nite? Are you bitter? Maybe you’ll like Yahoo Answers better?

I think you were looking for people to agree with you more than you were looking for a answer.

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I must be part of the ‘know men over 55 that shave’ demographic.

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@horntoade Where are you from?

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There’s men of all ages that don’t shave. Being over 55 has nothing to do with it. They don’t wake up on their 55th BD & say “I think I’ll stop shaving now.” Look at the young actors. All dirty & scrufty looking. They must think it looks sexy & rugged. I sure wouldn’t curl up with them. My hubby’s over 55 & he’s clean shaven all the time. Your theory doesn’t hold water.

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The 55+ crowd I have encountered shave still.

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