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Why isn't my iPhone playing sound?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) January 4th, 2008

When I answer a phonecall without my headphones in, I can neither hear a sound nor be heard. It’s kind of a huge problem, I don’t know what to do!

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Have you checked the volume level of the phone when the headsets is not plugged in? Did you phone function properly before? Do you have case that maybe blocking the ear piece and Mic?

Try the troubleshooting steps in this Apple Support Doc

Otherwise contact Apple support.

Good Luck!

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I called Apple support. Apparently sometimes the iPhone software doesn’t realize the headphones have been removed. To fix the problem you have to stick in the headphone jack and take it out a few times.

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Do you have a bluetooth headset? If so is it on and in the general vicinity of the iPhone when you answer? Only reason I ask is I’ve had a similar issue only to realize a couple seconds into the call that it was being “routed” to my bt headset and I wasn’t wearing it! :-)

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Does it work now?

If not, check if the silent ring-switch is off.

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yeah it works, it was the headphone thing.

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