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What is the opposite of a graveyard?

Asked by cadavera_innumera (27points) July 9th, 2009

Black is to white as a graveyard is to?

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Pawn shop??
A pregnat mothers belly

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A birthing center?

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Strange time to bring this up, considering the news about the gravediggers in Chicago.

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Where people are really alive… A roller coaster.

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Graveyards are peaceful too, opposite would be a daycare center.

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This is a pretty good question.

Well, considering a graveyard is where the dead go to rest, the logical question is where do the living go to be alive.


* lightbulb *


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Graveyards are a place to store dead people… Maybe an apartment building? It stores alive people…

I don’t actually think there is an opposite of graveyard.

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a fucking penumbra

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A hospital nursery.

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Everywhere but the graveyard.

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A stork’s nest.

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Day shift.

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The back seat of my old Subaru?

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the preactivation memory banks of the matrix.

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There is no opposite.

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I pregnant mother??

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I would think a hospital nursery.

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Labor & Delivery.

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The maternity ward.

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Not everything has an opposite, by any means.

But if this were a forced choice, I guess I would say a nursery.

(It’s “cemetery.”)

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