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How long does it take for you to recieve money after someone has purchased something on ebay?

Asked by jdogg (871points) July 9th, 2009

I wan’t to sell my psp but i need the money before the end of next week…

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PayPal is your friend here.

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Make it clear in your listing that payment is required in X amount of days. Check with ebay policy to see if they have a minimum amount of time.

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Try Craigslist first for quick cash.

PayPal has a new policy that burned me pretty good. They will collect the funds from the buyer, but will not release the funds until the buyer has listed the item as delivered. Buyers are learning to take advantage of this, taking their time to check it out for a couple of weeks before listing it received on eBay.

If PayPal does not get a confirm after 3 (Three) weeks, they will release your funds to you regardless. However, even PayPal is lax about this and most often they need a call to remind them. All this time, the buyer can use and abuse your gear and at the last minute claim it was received defective and demand a return.

You end up 3–4 weeks out with no cash and a broken item returned back to you. Your only recourse is to get and give negative feedback.

I wouldn’t be saying this if it hasn’t happened to me a couple of times in the past year. Plus, eBay fees have risen, and don’t think for a second it’s not flooded with tons of PSP’s for very cheap. Competition is tough there.

Put it on Craigslist and watch it leave your hands tomorrow, hassle free with no fees.

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On eBay you can post a “Buy it Now” price with immediate payment required via PayPal.

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If not eBay then a cash convertor shop

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aww…well i gues ill give the “buy it now” button a shot…if not the craigslist

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how much should i sell it for? Its the original and it has a few minor cosmetical damages like light scratches and the edge of it has a few chips but everything works perfectly

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Go to eBay and look them up. View auction listings by “ending soonest” and see what they are actually selling for… (not what people are asking). Take the average selling price, add 25% and post that to Buy it Now or Craigslist.

I always recommend using a NO RESERVE auction. It gets the bidding going much faster in the first few days… however, it will seem very minimal in price. Don’t worry, the last two hours will have a bidding war.

For an item like this, take one very clear and colorful photo. Take it outside and shoot it in direct evening sunlight… it will look warm and inviting. Fill the picture with the product.

Use very little wording in your ad. Something like:

Original PSP in near mint condition. No Reserve! Lots of life in this great machine.

But really, try Craigslist first… Good Luck!

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Oh yeah, don’t forget to show and list all accessories…

Definitely mention any problems up front…

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Ooooopppssss! Don’t say “near mint” if it has scratches…

Say, “tried, true and tested with minor cosmetic flaws… very reliable unit”

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