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How exact does nutrition labelling have to be in the United States?

Asked by lefteh (9409points) July 9th, 2009

I was making pasta earlier tonight, and looked at the nutrition label on the back of some cheese sauce. It said there were 100 calories in one seventh of the jar. I’m not buying that 64 grams of cheese sauce has exactly 100 calories. So my question is, how exact are these measurements?

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I’ve always wondered why they’re so exact as well but this one time I looked at the nutrition facts of something and it was weird it was like 73 calories

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The labeling restrictions are changing constantly, and are very suspect, as far as I’m concerned.

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The best thing to do is to eat food without nutrition labels.
Like fresh fruit and vegetables…. seriously eat more of those.

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Best way is to physically weigh it, and then weigh yourself the next day.

The real questiont to me, is the nutritional content that it says, what it really is; after most major food manufacturer’s pasteurize it to god only knows what temperature, and for how long. I often wonder is this really the nutritional content indicated on the label.

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Weighing yourself… I dont understand how that will help, What if you have a bowl movement in between weigh ins…

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Well, you need to weigh that to.

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@Garebo @Rememberme I don’t get this whole exchange. Weighing yourself or your food (or anything else) has absolutely nothing to do with nutrition labeling.

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The calories on the jar are the calories in the serving, by law, or an extremely close approximation.

The question you have to ask yourself is “What is in this sauce that 64 grams of it is 100 calories?”

Odds are a lot of starch, stretching fillers and a substantial amount of “Artificial and Natural Flavor” coming out of the same laboratory to make it taste like cheese. The answer’s in the ingredient list… usually.

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