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In a friendly gesture of greeting someone familiar, how long is too long to hug someone else's significant other?

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After “ohhhh, it’s so good to see youuuuuu” let go.

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I’ve hugged someone for like 3 minutes the longest, but I don’t think it was unappropriate

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@YARNLADY what if they take 5 minutes to say that?

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When you get wood..

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@applesaucemanny Any unnatural stretching out of a sentence like that is suspect.

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@YARNLADY what if your attracted to that person?

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My general rule of thumb is to not hug until I’ve spent a little time with that person. Usually however long I spend after meeting that person is enough and then the hug lasts for no more than a few seconds. It gets longer as I get to know that person.

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@Tink1113 It’s still someone else’s SO so that would be inappropriate.

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@Tink1113, think of it this way: if your boyfriend hugs your best friend, how long should the hug take before you begin to wonder if something else is going on?

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I think @YARNLADY is on target. Maybe an extra quick squeeze or pat, but that’s it. Also, hugs with someone else’s SO are usually one-armed unless I am specifically friends with them as well.

If there is enough time for you to stand there and think, “What the hell…?” then it is too long.

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I don’t usually hug people unless I’m friends with them. I might hug the SO, but it’d be very very brief. Definitely one armed.

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When they ever so impercebtibly start to pull away, a perceptive person will, like radar, be aware of the right moment. It is a learned skill. Fumble it a few times, and your mind will remember for next time.

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I don’t really hug.

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If there is boob groping, that is too long.

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When it looks like this
you hug all you want..just watch out for bad boys

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@chyna What kind of hugs have you been getting?

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Very brief, lean-in type hug…NO full body hug…

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Grandma never objected..~_~

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As just a normal greeting I would say three seconds. Long enough to say hi pretty much.

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5 full seconds.
After that, it’s just groaping.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Just those southern style hugs.

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Well, I wouldn’t use a stopwatch, but I think about as long as it takes to move close and move apart should do it. Any more than that might make the other look a little too significant.

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Git ‘er Done!

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@the compasionate oops didn’t know
@PandoraBoxx I don’t have one :( but I get what your saying
@SeventhSense Uhu sure ; )

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How long is too long? Milliseconds after they let go.

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@SeventhSense That’s my favorite phrase. It gets me everytime.~

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I’m kind of in the short hug camp, especially with a member of the opposite sex who is someone else’s significant other. Now with women, I will hold a hug a good 30 seconds to a minute. With men I’m agreeing with @whatthefluther – lean in – no full body.

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If the person I’m hugging is really attractive, my hug is going to last longer on that basis alone and nothing else. I’d say a 20 to 30 second hug and squeeze ought to do it. And now that you know I’m completely shameless, don’t hold it against me okay?~

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I think it depends on how happy I am to see the huggee.

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If you had an orgasm, it was probably too long.

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@Bluefreedom Don’t hold what against you? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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@janbb. I walked right into that one. Thanks for the laugh. =)

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@Bluefreedom, wait a minute, I think I feel an country music moment headed this way…

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@PandoraBoxx. Very nice, my friend. Lurve.

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Depends on how excited you are to meet this person. All hugs are good hugs.
Pervs aside.

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I’m thinking 3–5 seconds is good.
Oh, and definitely one-armed. Call me conservative.

And if you’re attracted to them? Just don’t do it. For everyone’s sake.

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just a two second hug would be nice

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@StephK 3–5 seconds doesn’t sound like a long time but hug a casual acquaintance next time the opportunity presents itself and count 1–1000, 2–1000, 3–1000 to 5. That’s a long time to be hugging someone who isn’t your partner or family member. The average person maybe makes it to 2.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic You’re right. I guess I’m still in the 12345 counting mode that I was in back when playing hide-n-seek during elementary school. 2 sounds better.

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Holy crap, I totally misread this question, I thought it said how long is it appropriate to hug someone, I never saw the “someone elses” part. That completely changes my answer. Dang…..
Ok well I’d hug the person like 2 seconds just enough to say hi, and not all full body contact just one arm

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I’m not a hugger but I would say anything longer than a guy’s bear hug would feel awkward.

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I’m not a hugger of strangers but if introduced to someone’s SO and they embrace me, I will hug bag for a few seconds then retreat. I don’t like to be on the spot when that person tries to keep holding on like I’m their new pet or buddy.

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@PandoraBoxx you like the bellamy brothers too? I love them…
and at least 6 seconds at the most. 2 minutes if you barely see them…

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I’d be more concerned with how close the genital areas of both parties came to each other a LOT more then the length of the hug.

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I’d say just a few seconds, once you’ve got your arm round, a quick squeeze, & release… job done.

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