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Should a refrigerated free range turkey be brought to room temperature before cooking or put into the oven cold?

Asked by jeanm (279points) December 9th, 2006
Medium sized turkey (11 lbs), unsuffed, and it needed an extra HOUR to cook. I think my oven is OK - how about the turkey?
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I'm confused about your question, or at least the info after your original question. There is a huge difference between defrosting and bringing to room temperature. If you just took the turkey out of the fridge, put it in the oven asap. Usually after 20/30 minutes at room temperature is when meat begins to degrade.
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I don't think leaving a uncooked turkey out at room temperature is a good idea--different from letting it "sit" after the roasting so the juices have a chance to do whatever they do. But this is not expert--just a hunch.
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do you believe in karma?
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if information about whether or not it was free range is relevant... i'm wondering if it was happy, humanely killed, and what its thoughts are on the subject.
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Turkeys cook at whatever rate they want to. When they are done, they are done. It is best to keep them refrigerated until you are ready to cook it.
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Your question is a little confusing, so I'll just provide the general procedure for cooking a turkey. To cook a frozen turkey, you should first thaw it in a refridgerator (per instructions on the packaging). Then, once thawed, you should preheat your oven, and then immediately transfer the turkey from the fridge to the oven. Do NOT thaw the turkey at room temperature, and do not let it sit out at room temperature. At room temperature, bacteria on the turkey can grow rapidly when the outside portion of the bird begins to thaw. These bacteria can multiply to dangerously high levels producing toxins that cooking may not destroy.
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My sister and I have cooked turkeys for over 40 years. We have NEVE
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R estimated the time right. It is better to err on the side of caution and take more time, but it is always a crap shoot.
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After you wash it, put it right into the oven. Don't let it sit out at all

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