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What's your 401K looking like this quarter?

Asked by PandoraBoxx (18016points) July 9th, 2009

I just looked at the statements, and while the balances are still down from September, I had gains of 18% and 32% for second quarter. Are things picking up a bit?

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Like I wish I’d had followed my own instincts and moved the $$ after I lost the first $10K… But it’s getting better. I just wish I still had what I started out with in April of last year.

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Mine look a little better than last time. But I’m not feeling especially thrilled yet.

I am kicking myself over the stock options I didn’t exercise last August, though. Thought I’d hold out for an extra point and a half…man, that price would look good to me now.

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Reminds me I should look at it. I moved some money back into some risk one month ago, it was earning like .73% for a while there—better than losing.

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I decided not to look all year. I have many many years before I intend to use that money, so I’m doing my best not to look.

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The other good news is that there’s a lot of overdue bank reform legislation coming down the pipeline.

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Remember to always diversify if your plan allows (never put all your eggs…). Be aggressive when we are in a bull market (which we were until the last couple of weeks, technically still are, but under pressure), and shift to a stable fund when the bear comes along. Investor’s Business Daily is absolutely the best resource for learning about stock investment. Also, this paper has the most informative, accurate and truthful editorials known to man. Check it out online – you can browse the editorials for free.

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Our 401K is a the most conservative investment we have, and the company is no longer making matching deposits. It’s moving upwards, but still way down from the peak, or even average.

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Up 4½% last ¼

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