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Is it any point doing a part-time distance-learning law degree?

Asked by lilgiraffe (283points) July 9th, 2009

I did my BA in Economics but now am thinking of doing law. Due to financial constraints I will have to do a 2-year part-time distance-learning course for an LLB certified by the University of London.

To be a practicing lawyer, I believe I will have to go to the UK to do a 1-year preparation course to pass the bar and be able to practice as a lawyer. I am not sure if a distance-learning LLB degree will permit me to sit for the Bar exam in the UK?

Also, what do people think of Law as a second degree for a career change?

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You have to love it. I would look long and hard at what specifically you would want to do with a law degree, and have something specific in mind.

In the US, the market has been tough for the last few years, and there is a very large contingencyof law school grads from this spring’s graduation in the US that were let go from the jobs they had before they even showed up for the first day. Law firms of all sizes are cutting staff, except for bankruptcy practices.

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I don’t think you can go wrong to increase your knowledge of law. It will be long, difficult road, but the results will be valuable to your career, even if you don’t become a practicing lawyer.

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Not if you plan to try to pass the Bar (or even make it through the Barbri class at before you take the Bar Exam).

Regarding law as a second degree… lots of people do this, and it can be extremely useful, depending on your field.

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@juwhite1 Do you mean that the part-time degree will not allow one entry into the BARBRI class, or that one will not be adequately prepared to take a BARBRI class and thus pass the Bar Exam?

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I had a friend who never took at single class in law school, and yet he passed the bar in California. His wife attended law school, and he read everything she brought home, plus a lot of outside reading on his own. He studied even harder than she did, and they both took the bar at the same time, and both passed.

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