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5cent bags? Are you serious?

Asked by TabernakAttack (354points) July 9th, 2009

Alright, I don’t know if this is just an Ottawa, Ontario, or even Canadian thing, but all the grocery stores are now charging 5cents per plastic bag. Is this new for anyone else? Do you not agree this is just bullshit to make more money using the earth as a fear factor for people? Charging us for our grocery bags doesn’t make me wanna litter any less, when I’m as high as I am now it just makes me want to litter more to compensate! Don’t know how that works, but somehow it helps me sleep better at night. Back to my point, 5cents per plastic bag doesn’t seem like much, but that adds up per customer. Damn you system!

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Well, it’s becoming nationwide I think it’s a great idea because people don’t know how much plastic bags affect the environment and people will be more apt to bring their reusable bags for groceries.

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They’re starting to implement a similar thing in the US and I think it’s a great idea. People either don’t know or don’t care about how bad plastic bags actually are for the environment. I think plastic bags should be outlawed altogether, honestly.

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I think the idea is to get people to use cloth re-usable bags instead of plastic. I’m all for it!

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Great idea. Many stores around here give a 5 cent credit if you bring your own bags, but I really like the idea of charging for them.
Shame that people need to have an economic reason for doing something small for the environment like re-using a shopping bag.
And dude, you respect the planet less when you’re high?

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There’s a charge at some markets in NYC also. I use my own shopping bag, though.

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If it bothers you that much you can get some re-usable bags.
That way you avoid the entire problem.

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Sounds like a fine idea to me.

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It’s just to make more money and we’re all helping them. I’m too lazy to use re-usable bags.

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If you are too lazy to use re-usable bags, then pay the 5 cents and get over it.

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@TabernakAttack Really? You’re complaining about a 5 cent change then admitting you’re too lazy to do a very, very simple thing that will not only prevent you from paying the five cents but also help the environment?
Perhaps you should be damning yourself, not the system.

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I don’t understand the concept of being too lazy to save yourself time and money. That’s like reverse-laziness.

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Is it appropriate to bring up that one of @TabernakAttack‘s past q’s has been about if marijuana has ever had a negative affect on anyone? I think it may be costing you a few nickles every time you go to the grocery store, bud.

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I thought this question was gonna be about pot . . .

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@figbash me too

I think it’s a great idea. I get so upset when baggers put just a couple of items in each bag. Do I really need a bag for a gallon of milk? It’s got a handle already!

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@figbash if it helps i’m blazed as hell right now

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Ikea has been doing it for years… not sure if it’s a nickel or not though. Personally, I prefer not only to bring in my own bags but also to bag my own groceries. I can usually pack them up nicely, winding up with unsquished food and less bags to tote which rarely spill over in my trunk. Plus it seems like the plastic bags are getting filmsier and flimsier, and you often need to double bag for heavier items which seems like a huge waste.

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Keep it up (e.g., brag about being high, profess you are too lazy to be a responsible person, etc.) are sure to give all cannabis smokers a bad name….wtf

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It’s ten cents here at some stores in Washington State. Frankly, I like it. I try and bring my own, but if I forget, I pay. When you think of how much goes into making them, why shouldn’t we be paying for them?

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Where I live, they are outlawed, stores are not allowed to use them, period! But to me it is a bit of a chuckle. We still have to put our rubbish in plastic bags, and the grocery store has plastic bags for fruit and veg and the meat is all wrapped in plastic wrap and on a plastic tray with a plastic disposable diaper type thing under the meat so it doesn’t leak. Then the store charges 15cents for a paper bag. I think the idea is genuine but the stores use it to make money. I know the grocery store does not pay 15cents for each bag.

Also plastic bottles are destroying the earth just as quickly. I think they should be eliminated or should have a big deposit on them. In South Australia, there is a 10cent deposit on most and all the senior citizens go around picking them up. Kids can’t be bothered but the oldies supplement their pension.

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It’s a good thing – go buy a cloth bag and stop smoking weed for 10 minutes

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Since some of the local IGA stores have recently turned into Foodland (here in Ontario), they now charge for bags. Their prices are stupid anyway, not the best place to shop. Regardless, I now take a couple bags with me when I go. No biggie. And if I forget, an extra 5 or 10 cents on my bill is no biggie either.

If I were stoned perhaps it would take on a more cosmic meaning, but so far it doesn’t freak me out or make me think the world is any more corrupt than it already was.

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I don’t know of any stores here in CT that charge for bags, but the store where I shop gives a 5cent discount for each cloth bag you use. I like the cloth bags so much better—they hold a lot more and are easier to carry.

Our store also recently started this “ScanIt” program, where you use a hand-held scanner to ring up your groceries as you shop. You also bag them as you go. When you’re done, you scan a barcode at the register, pay for your groceries, and leave. It’s so much faster. The store employees will randomly audit orders to encourage honesty. They take five items at random and make sure you’ve scanned them (so if you want to steal something, make sure it’s at the bottom of a bag I guess).

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@figbash, in a way it is. “when I’m as high as I am now it just makes me want to litter more to compensate! ”

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I don’t like this idea. We’re already on food stamps and I really could use the extra change. My family has always saved and recycled our plastic bags to be trash/litter bags, overnight bags, storage, packaging for moving, etc.

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