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How do you handle information overload?

Asked by lilgiraffe (283points) July 9th, 2009

Everyday we are assailed by a flurry of information by worldwide news feeds.

How do you stay on top of the news, and especially, how do you make sure that you understand the underlying issue(s) in a new development… e.g. a new conflict concerning the Israel/Palestine schism?

…While not spending too much time everyday reading as opposed to going out there and living life?

What are your favourite websites to get information on your pet topics? e.g. Art

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if this is promoting bing, please get a mod in here and ban the crap out of this. ASAP

and to answer your question I read the news on google news briefly and occasionally watch cnn lol

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I usually use Google reader to keep track of the news I want. Or Google news.
@patg7590 I smell Bing too and It doens’t smell nice.

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Check out what I find interesting, the rest is overload. I read newspaper websites and fluther.

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@patg7590 I didn’t know what Bing was till u mentioned it.

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@lilgiraffe they use the phrase “search overload” in their “advertising” I guess it’s not completely the same.

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@patg7590 No worries. :) Thanks for teaching me an advertising term.

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I let it slide and focus on what I want to. For example, I watch almost zero TV.

For another example:
“Questions for You (7377 new)

Comments for You (0 new)

Activity for You (222 new)”

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I’m with @Zaku here, I watch very little television. I find the news feeds usually full of useless garbage that doesn’t pertain to me, so I stick with googling for whatever weird topic that happens to run through my head.

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It’s very simple, if you care about it then read/watch it. If you don’t care then skip it. I don’t even pretend to care about news, therefore I am never overloaded.

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