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Do you carry your opinon of fellow Flutherites from question to question?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6834points) July 9th, 2009

What I mean is, if you have a differing opinion that gets kind of ugly with someone in one question’s discussion, are you automatically pessimistic about anything they post in another question’s discussion? What if you agree with what they say on the other topic?

I leave my ill feelings behind when I close the door to a question, and the slate is clean when I encounter them again in another. Just wondering what the majority does!

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i try not to carry it over, but if someone is consistently a jerk or pissy in question after question, then i start to relate to them that way.

conversely, if someone shows over a series of Qs that they’re easy-going and can take a joke, i take that into consideration in my comments.

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Not necessarily. I would say that after getting to read a few of a Flutherite’s responses on various topics, one would naturally form an opinion about his/her level of analysis, length of response, general tendancies and sense of humour. That’s normal, but I would treat each discussion as a separate thing in itself.

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It’s impossible to completely leave prior experience behind….you are sure to carry at least some form of expectation from question to question.

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I wouldn’t say I carry the feeling, but previous answers can often predict how certain people will respond to certain questions/comments

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@eponymoushipster Yeah you are right… I can think of one Flutherite that I consistently think uses their own made-up logic, and I am always thinking, “Wonder what they’ll say this time”

and I could be wrong, but I think I know who you are referring to

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Unfortunately, yes, for the most part I do. However, I can really only think of one example at the moment. At the most, two. It doesn’t mean that I can never change my opinion of that person, but my previous experiences (such as them being rude to me, not taking my comments seriously, etc.) do tend to carry over when I see them posting other things, especially comments to me. I’m referring to negative opinions of a person with this comment, of course.

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@BBSDTfamily….OK, lets not gang up on him/her!!!

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@whatthefluther ???? I wasn’t ganging up on anyone…. I wasn’t referring to @eponymoushipster and I didn’t say any names

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Only if the person is consistently rude. Everyone has topics they are passionate about but I’m not going to form an opinion of them based on that one topic.

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to some extent. if i start to know the person by their rude remarks, i usually do keep their attitude in mind. if i know a person is usually really sensible and whatnot, i tend to give them more leeway when they post something that annoys me. but regardless of previous answers, if someone posts something i agree with, or that is written well and respectfully, i still give them a GA/GQ. they still deserve it.

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I have never been anywhere in this wide world where I have not met some people whom I admired and respected and some whom I thought were flaming idiots.

Flutherites are no different and yep some stand out in my mind as one or the other and almost always stay true to form.

So the answer to your question is yes.

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@BBSDTfamily….I was just kidding. Now will you consider me a joker on other questions?

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@whatthefluther Ha ha okay yes, sorry I thought you took my post as passively calling out Epony

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Yes everyone gangs up on poor epony ~

And to answer your question:
I tend not to do that

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I’m going to try not to base my opinions on how I feel about someone on how they answer a question from one thread to another. I might suspect or be able to see a pattern in their behavior and be wary of it but I’m not going to dislike them or stop interacting with them because of it. If a person is outwardly rude to me or attempts to instigate something from nothing at all, that’s a different situation and that indicates to me this person might have a less than desireable termperament and maybe I should avoid them altogether.

It’s in my best interests just to be selective in which questions I want to answer and comment on and if that means steering clear of something that makes me uncomfortable, that works out for the best in my opinion. On the other hand, if it’s something I really want to participate in, animosity towards someone or them toward me won’t keep me from it but I’ll just try my best to keep to myself and avoid confrontation.

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@BBSDTfamily….I rather prefer actively calling out @eponymoushipster! Right monkey man? (He knows I lurve him!)

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@whatthefluther damn you!~

@BBSDTfamily i wasn’t referring to any one individual in specific; there is more than one jelly who fits into either of the aforementioned categories.

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I hardly ever pay attention to who answers what, unless I want to respond, then I glance at their name. I read the answers without looking at the names most of the time.

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Okay. You can all stop talking about me.

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@AstroChuck Dang you figured it out. J/K

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Ohhh, you damn sexy monkey!
Wouldn’t you know it, you said one of my favorite words! Just ask WTF, I’m frequently having to say to him, “Don’t you get Pissy with me!”

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@sccrowell marital issues aside, it’s a great word, eh? :)

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You betcha darlin’

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Only if they REALLY fucking piss me off.

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eponymoushipster pretty much summed up how i feel. If i get in a heated debate with someone in one question its not going to effect how i answer them in any way on the next question i see them on.

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I’m with @eponymoushipster, too. Only after a repeated pattern of behavior do I carry any feelings from one thread to the next.

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To a certain extent, I do so. Both good and bad opinions.

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I usually don’t, but, as has been stated, if a pattern emerges, it’s hard not to notice.

Only if I feel someone is purposely posting antagonistic, illogical, and/or troll-like answers will I bust their chops.

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Generally no, I don’t carry on my difference of opinion. It’s quite possible that two people agree on one matter and disagree on another. I do however carry on my opinion of the person, and take it into account when reading their answer (eg if I think the particular person is generally knowledgeable, or funny, or specialises in Geography, or is plain stupid).

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Depends. Per-person basis.

Like that AstroChuck guy? What a twat.

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I usually do carry over opinions of people that I have reacted positively to over time. I always expect that Jeruba and many others will have a great answer about words and writing, Shilolo knows his medical stuff, Dale is wonderful about politics, that Astrochuck will be funny, that the Monkey Man will be a wise guy, and I enjoy reading their answers.

It takes me longer to feel negatively about someone and then I often read their answers for amusement but will not necessarily engage with them.

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I try not to carry my opinions across from question to question, but I always seem to feel myself making some sort of little judgement about the person when I see them crafting a response. But sometimes I just get completely confused when somebody like AstroChuck either posts something that doesn’t make me laugh, or something that wasn’t even meant to be funny in the first place.

So I guess I’m with @eponymoushipster here in the way that I try not to do that, but when people consistently develop a pattern of answers, it’s difficult not to judge.

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There ARE people with reputations on the site and with those individuals, yes, I DO carry over expectations. There are others that I know will always disagree with me and I expect that too. Hey! There are MODS with patterned behavior and I expect and anticipate that from question to question. Finally, there’s one person that never gives me right answers to my technical questions and so I NEVER follow his/her advice. Haven’t seen him in awhile, though.

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I think I expect great answers from people I find to be intelligent from prior experience…

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I try not to do that either, but some people just make you roll your eyes so hard you can actually see out the back of your head. I try to view people’s answers as like, “Hey, maybe so-and-so was trying to be funny and the joke fell flat,” or “maybe so-and-so was having a shitty day and decided to spread his/her bad mood around” you know, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Everyone deserves a fair shake, even online, so…

wait, you guys aren’t talking about me, are you?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra No not you, AstroChuck :P

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If a flutherer begins in a troll-like manner I usually judge immediately and it takes a while for me to overcome that opinion. I can think of one person in particular who started off with lots of snotty, instigating type answers and grated on me from day one. But after a couple of weeks this person mellowed out and I have come to enjoy their answers.

There are some folks who don’t weigh in super often, but when they do I know their answers will be good and always worth reading, so I guess I do carry my opinions of them from thread to thread.

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I usually remember the people that piss me off, but not for very long.

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If I feel the person is acting that way out of passion for the topic no.

If I feel they are making more personal attacks then I am more inclined to remember but will still always try and forget.

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@Bri_L I lurve that distinction

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There are people out there who are simply not rational, and who are not worth engaging regardless of the subject.

There are people out there who are mostly rational, but who have topics upon which they are completely irrational and indistinguishable from the people mentioned above.

I can’t imagine not having figured that out, so that I know who to ignore.

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@YARNLADY – Why thank you!

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Excellent question. My answer is: if they are racist, then yes. But I probably won’t be reading their questions afterwards.

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