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Are there any other sites like fluther?

Asked by Joinm (81points) July 10th, 2009
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Used to be one I used to frequent. But it’s gone gone gonnnneee…..

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There are many other Q & A sites, but none quite like Fluther.

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Hello SB. Airow should be back up but in a deterrent name, but who’s to say it will be any good?

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I’m not liking Fluther so rather than annoying you I’ll go to somewhere I like.

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@Joinm I hope you find an online community that suits you. Best wishes.

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I’m always on the look out for good Q and A sites. Not because I want to leave Fluther just because I like asking and answering questions and the more places I have to do that the better. I used to be on before it shut down and also Bolt years ago when they had tagbooks before they shut down and then reopened without tagbooks :(

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The collective is unique.

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NO! And do not even look. :-)

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@Joinm: Sorry to hear you’re displeased. But thanks for letting us know. Best of luck on your journey through the internets.

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@Joinm What, specifically, is it that you don’t like? I hope that you find it if you have not found it here. Have you given this a long enough trial?

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Too late. Joinm no longer exists as a member…

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Yahoo has one. That was the first one I found and it’s OK!

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@Saturated_Brain: Well that was pointless.

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@cprevite Hmm… Maybe he/she’s still lurking around.. I may have been too quick in passing judgment. Let’s not lose hope!

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Oh yah, Yahoo Answers is always good for a laugh.

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I’m new here, but I think this is leaps and bounds above Yahoo’s format. It’s just distracting. But I guess it’s not for everyone.

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Even with the original asker gone, this question still has value for future inquiring minds.
Fluther is the only one I have found that successfully combines the Q & A format with a social networking format, within the guidelines that are given.

I tried others, some don’t have enough moderation, some don’t even follow their own guidelines, are nothing more than chat rooms, but most are strictly Q & A, with very little feedback.

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I miss the science questions from and the wonderful debates we had. There are many very nice people who are part of the Fluther community. Other sites? I tried Yahoo once and was disappointed.

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Psh…this is the only good one. Yahoo! Answers sucks.

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