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My son-in-law works for a prison when he and my daughter retires can my daughter collect on half of his social security?

Asked by vicki126 (1points) July 10th, 2009


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Welcome to the collective. I assume you mean if she divorces him?

It is helpful if you put some context into the Details section of the question.

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Does he work for a federal prison? I know that some government employees don’t participate in social security.
I believer that when she becomes eligible for Social security (if she is single at the time) she can use either her income record OR his to determine the amount she gets. (if he is paying into social security.) You could probably find your answers at

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Not as a seperate check. Him still being alive. And YES only if they are still married when he dies.

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@ChazMaz ; they don’t have to still be married. I happened to be in the SS office shortly after the law changed. There were a bunch of old ladies there changing to their first husbands accounts because they could get more money from them.

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Yes, true. You are right. But he does need to be dead for her to get some of it.

My mother first husband died, she get SS benifits and government assistance because of her ex husband that died while married to her. After her divorce to My dad. She put in a clam in.

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