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Social Networking sites: do you find them to be a lot more nonsense than socializing?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) July 10th, 2009

I’ll be fair and not run down the whole list, but too many of these sites are all apps, ads, fluff, spam, and nonsense and very little “social” content.

I’d rather know the person and their mind, NOT “what Ice Cream flavor are you?” quiz answer., for example. I dropped one account after a few months and the other one is close to getting dropped too.

I’d prefer meaningful conversation and exchanges over blatant idiocy. I mean really, isn’t the fastest way to insult most people , is to treat them like mindless drones?

I’m glad I found this site, the others were truly a dissappoinment, and possibly a sad comment on how we’re holding ourselves back by concentrating on so many frivolous things.

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Whats the question? Can’t really tell with the discription you gave, looks like your opinion.

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sorry, I started to rant a bit, i’ll be more direct then, Social Networking Sites: do you find them to be a lot more nonsense than socializing?

Other Opinions on this topic (or more of the same) are welcome.

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Hahaha glad to know you feel this way but unfortunately you have busted one of the Fluther criterions for asking a question because this isn’t a question.

I’d advise you to ask a question before you get modded.

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@Saturated_Brain I’ll second that, edit the question so it doesn’t get kicked.

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too late :( my response above IS the edited question (10 min time frame for editing)

lets start from there…

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Don’t worry the mods’ll get you. They’ll take this question back from the collective and make you edit it before releasing it back into the wild.

Heck, I might as well flag the question right now to quicken the process

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oh my poor ‘lil rant is out there running amok, it needs a radio collar and a tranq dart. :D
now if only the real world had editing features…....

Response moderated
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[Mod Says] Please refrain from openly disparaging remarks.

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Most social networking sites are designed to keep in touch with friends, no so much engage in meaningful conversation. While Fluther isn’t really a social networking site, I much prefer this format. Welcome to the collective!

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yes. especially since, if i post a quiz or some nonsense like that, i’ll get a lot more responses than if i post something that a) has anything to do with socializing, or b) is any type of serious. i think myspace is entertaining – i love messing around with my layout and whatnot, i think it’s interesting what a simple page on the internet can portray about a person (both accurately and inaccurately) – but most of the people on it don’t really care about the social aspect in the least.
facebook is overrun with pointless quizzes, ‘what do the letters in your name mean’, and ‘omg join this group/fan page/app now!!~!~’. it’s more about appearance and killing time than talking to new people, and usually, even talking to people you already know.

all of that being said, i don’t consider fluther a social networking site, ironically because people actually socialize here (and are usually interesting).

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nonsense. Fluther is the only thing anyone really needs.

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Yes, I do. And to answer the why of all those worthless things you mentioned, it is marketing.

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