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What do I wear to the coffee house to attract the ladies?

Asked by DieAlone (32points) January 4th, 2008

How to I make the opposite sex come up to me at the coffee house? I’m tired of making intruding attempts into their personal laptop space with nothing to show for it at the end.

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The Car Talk guys give advice on this subject, altho in their case, you would have to be sitting behind the wheel of a car at a red light. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work in a coffee house. Buy an adorable little puppy. Of course you must then raise and love him forever…but s/he will be a chick magnet.

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Maybe you should consider trying to meet girls at places other than coffee houses, where there’s a good chance they’re not there to socialize. If they have their laptops out, they might be doing legitimate work and not in the best mood to meet the man of their dreams. If you just can’t let go of the meeting the love of your life in the coffee house dream, be sure to wear a speedo, that should help…nothing says love like a “banana hammock” ;) Happy hunting!

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Or you could have a baby. Chicks dig babies.

It shouldn’t matter what you’re wearing, as long as you’re really inappropriately dressed. Try altering your approach to talking to the ladies.

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You could catch her a delicious sea bass.

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Read How to Succeed with Women by Louis and Copeland_. It’s an amazing
book and addresses that very topic.

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sry but anyone who says clothes arnt important is lying. Have u heard of clothes makes the man. The way u dress tells the opposite sex wit ur style is, if she’s a punkrocker and ur dressed like a thug there isn’t gonna be an instant attraction. So you should dress nice but dress the way you like because if u dress ur own style and a girl is atracted to you then u already know that u have similar styles but jordangerous is right by saying that there r girls to meet outside of a coffee house worth meeting

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Pin-striped suit and a fedora.. I have to fight the ladies off.

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Perhaps wear a pin-striped suit and a fedora while holding a large, delicious sea bass, reading “How to Succeed with Women,” playing with a baby and a puppy, reciting French and Russian love poetry, and frequently, ostentatiously, licking your eyebrows. The well-dressed, literate, romantic, worldly, animal-loving and lingual fisherman is an eminently popular “hot and heavy” partner for the caffeine-addicted frauleins.

Seriously, how much “something to show for it” can one expect while in a coffeehouse? Or is there something going on under the Starbucks tables I’m unaware of? Is “no whip” some sort of code that gains you entrance to the “extra shot” booth?

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Tight jeans, cowboy hat, and no shirt. Make sure your chest is all oiled up to show off your hot muscles. Oh, and smell good too. Bonus points for speaking with a Texas accent.

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i’m going to ignore much of above commentary for now…...

i just want to add that no matter how hot a guy was at a coffee shop, i’m not convinced that i’d literally get up and go over to a complete stranger’s table and start a conversation—unless there was really some special connection (like him wearing my school’s sweatshirt or something)—maybe think of situations in which people are more likely to meet and have a conversation (friends parties, art clubs, classes, concerts, local nonprofits or mom+pop shops, volunteering, any service-oriented business….. it’s infinite really)

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also, i’d drop the name “die alone”


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I think that “absolutely”, above, is trying to get you picked up by some gay boys.

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Is that what is working now? Cowboy hats, oiled torso and a TEXAN accent. Drat, so close. NOTE TO SELF: It’s not cowboy hat and a SCOTTISH accent. Buy baby oil. Just kidding. : )

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Try this. Be yourself. Sit. Do something interesting and engaging to you. Bring your own laptop and keep it tuned to Fluther (major babe magnet right there)...ok…so there you are. Be patient. Eventually, if you’re at a large enough table and have enough sense to not take over the whole thing, someone will sit near you. This may take awhile, especially if you have hygiene issues. (Skin = clothes beneath the clothes).Stay calm. Over time, this someone will be of the appropriate gender and attractive to you. If you’re a straight guy, this means a woman with a pulse. Now here’s your move…At some point, when it’s time for your refill, and you’ve gotten up, turn back around to the young thang, and offer to buy her a refill. Binary scenario. A: She declines. Drop the issue, be nice, smile, don’t insist, and wait another four months. B: She accepts. Get whatever she wants, smile, don’t say anything. Next binary scenario: A: She says something other than “Thank You.” Ok. You’re all set. This is called a “conversation.” B: She only says “Thank you” and goes back to doing what she was before you said anything. End of encounter. Relax. Sit. Continue being yourself. Repeat.

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I like how u added tht repeat at the end it sounded like a shampoo bottle lather rinse repeat

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