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Why does my 5 year old niece mimick my 6 year olds every move?

Asked by WireNutz (3points) July 10th, 2009

I know kids copy but when she follows my daughter everywhere and when my daughter had her hair cut that night she had to have her hair cut!If they sit on the floor she sits the same way even if my daughter changes position,skips if she skips touches the same spot on the wall when she does!I am just frustrated because it upsets my daughter!My wife baby sits my two nieces 4 days a week!

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She’s looking up to her, it’s cute. Now, if they were older or adults I’d seek an injunction or restraining order

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because she’s a child. That’s what they do.

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My 4 year old niece does the same thing to my daughter. They now also have the same haircut. I think it’s cute and if it bothered my daughter I would explain to her the age difference. If you tell her what an important role being the older cousin is, and explain how to be a good role model, you could turn a frustrating situation into a positive lesson.

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When I was 10 my cousin did that to me, followed me around, did what I did, etc. I think she was trying to be like me but it was really annoying, then we both grew up and she went her way

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It’s a high complement. I would help the older understand that she is being looked up to by her younger cousin. This is something that can be handled well with sweetness and humor.

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