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What other interesting websites do you visit daily besides Fluther?

Asked by eelaws (12points) January 4th, 2008

I usually check out reddit and youtube on a daily basis but besides those two nothing really else.

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Wikipedia and their article of the day, then Facebook and Digg of course and I always visit where I have all my RSS and Widgets I really like.

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and often wikipedia

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Gmail, then Google Reader, sometimes Digg too. And of course, via Google Reader I regularly come back at several sites when they have made new posts (e.g. that’s how I ended up on Fluther now).

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Oh, and also if I don’t forget. And I like to read at times too, very funny :)

And there’s,, and of course my own websites…

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some of the above, and also

aperture's avatar (my homepage)

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I’ve found a site called

Thounsands of pics, a great message and a $50,000 prize. It’s like the evolution of a little site called milliondollarhomepage, remember that? But this one use pictures and not just cheap gif images and did I mention the prize? It’s not just a giveaway you have to solved a code so, the winner isn’t just chosen by chance. Check it out! The more that visit the higher the prize gets so everyone is a winner!

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