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When is a question considered old, and not to be answered?

Asked by jamielynn2328 (4737points) July 10th, 2009

Yup, I’m new on here. I’ve read the guidelines to try and answer some of my own questions, and this is the only one I have left. I have been reading a lot of the older questions, but hesitate to answer ones that were asked months ago. How old is too old? Or does a fluther question live forever?

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A fluther question lives forever. That sounds right to me.

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I agree with @skfinkel – if you’re getting tired of updates about questions you answered days, weeks, or months ago because people keep responding to them, you can simply stop following the question.

If someone has something good to add to a discussion about a specific question, they should add it, regardless of when the question was asked.

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I agree with the above, but if, after reading the other responses other members have given, the issue seems resolved or the question has been answered, then I tend to not put my two cents in. But otherwise, feel free to respond whenever! Most questions are fairly open ended, so new ideas are always welcome.

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I get answers to questions asked in 2008 frequently. I never mind revisiting them.

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They live forever! I have been getting quite a few answers to the question I asked just about a year ago now—it’s great! I love that Fluther Qs don’t have obvious time stamps so they CAN live forever.

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If you have something new to add, then I would say answer away. However, if anything further would just be repetition, then I would say move on to another question.

Fluther questions are immortal, unlike those who Fluther.

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Once the question disappears off the front page I tend not to bother with it (I’m lazy). Ocasionlly if something interesting apears in the siblings section I may answer if I have something to add.

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i rarely notice the date on questions i answer, unless i’m looking for it. i’m sure i answer really dated questions pretty often, but i don’t care. a question is a question. (: i’m glad fluther isn’t like message board forums, where if you answer something old that piques your interest, you’re shunned for bringing back a ‘dead thread’. BS.

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There are some I wish would go on and on and others that do when I wish they would die die DIE!

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I continue to receive GA points for answers given many months ago, and once in a while I post an answer to a very old question—frequently seeing a responding post right afterward—so people are still paying attention to old questions. Some are dated, for sure (“Who are you supporting, Barack or Hillary?” and ”“If he doesn’t call me by tomorrow, what should I do?”), but others are timeless.

Now you can place your cursor over the paragraph symbol at the end of a response if you want to know how old it is. That will tell you if the latest activity is recent, in case that makes a difference.,

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I’ve been wanting to answer some questions that were asked like a couple of months ago or a year, but i’m embarrased because I think people will get mad cause they are old…

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Never. Always a seat available for you to hop on and take a ride.

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I sometimes find an old thread that addresses a question I had, so I say never.
However, if answering a thread over 2 months old, you might want to keep on point, and not use the flip comment.

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People answer my old questions months and months later. I just got “Great Question” points today for one I asked in 2008.

Like @Darwin says – if you have something to add, add away!

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Interesting. I recently didn’t answer a few questions because they were very old. Considering the responses here perhaps I’ll go ahead and answer in the future.

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One question i find old is ” How doth one offer respect through position whilst conversing afoot?”
Answer: (From “Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation” Transcribed by George washington at the tender age of 16):

“In walking the highest Place in most Countrys Seems to be on the right hand therefore Place yourself on the left of him whom you desire to Honour: but if three walk together the middest Place is the most Honourable the wall is usually given to the most worthy if two walk together.”

Anything after the War of Independence is fine by me.

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@Dr_C – That question may be old, but George’s answer is still basically true.

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@Darwin i completely agree…. and i’ll bring it up when there’s a thread about answers being too old :P

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I love to revive the old zombies. Many times people will have formed new ideas and have them to add on to their old ones. Plus, I’m just aggravating like that. ;-)

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When it moves to a retirement village in Florida.

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@J0E “Shady Fluthers” in Boca?

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Nah. “Futhering Palms” in Naples. The west coast of Florida is where it’s at these days.

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When it is archived

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