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I was given a 2G iPhone as a gift. How do I get a plan?

Asked by bingoland (28points) July 10th, 2009

I tried plugging it into my computer, but I don’t have an AT&T number so I could not proceed on iTunes. I called AT&T and they told me I needed to go to a corporate AT&T store, but that is after I had been to a corporate AT&T store and they told me to sign up online. I am going to go back to the store, but any other ideas???

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Yeah, that’s AT&T. Sometimes, they won’t let you give them money which is completely bizarre in today’s economy. You’d think they’d make it easy to sign up for their service.
Online is your best bet.

If you go to the store, be persistent but polite with the store people. Tell them that you want to give them money right now. They’ll understand that.

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