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What treks should we do in New Zealand?

Asked by kfingerman (1012points) July 10th, 2009

Going to NZ this December and looking to do some backpacking. We’re planning on doing the Milford Track because it’s supposed to be un-missable. What other “tracks” should we do? Any other NZ travel tips?

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I was about to say, “Go to Milford Sound!”. Then I read the details. Sorry bout that, but if not a trek, why not try going to visit the glowworm caves?

I’d love to go to New Zealand. I have this impression that as long as you get out of the cities, it’s all trekkable.

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Just make sure to take your time. Visit both the north and the south Island. Not just the South Island.

North Island:
Bay of Islands,
KeriKeri (So nice, they named it twice) with the first structure of Brick in NZ
Indeed the glow worm caves and cave tubing (black water rafting) in Waitoma
The Kuka falls
The thermal springs and geysers of Waiatapu with its Lord of The Rings scenery
The champagn pool in Waiatapu

South Island
Kaikura (have lobster there and swim with dolphins)
Ngakuta Bay
The glaciers on the South Island

Oh by the way, if you plan on renting a camping or using an RV, you might want to consider the camp sites that are maintained by Department of Conservation. they have a nice website as well (link here)

It’s so beautiful. Can I join you on your trip?

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