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What Is The T.V Show True Blood About?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) July 10th, 2009

I don’t know anything about it but I heard it was good.

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@AstroChuck well that was pretty helpful…
I wanted to ask fluther so that people would input their opinions on the show so I would get an idea if I want to waste my time watching it.

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does anyone have an opinion on the show? Is it good?

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It’s a vampire show. Woman falls in love with vampire. It’s a very common story but this one is better than most. I like it.

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Great show. It’s one of my favorites.

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It’s amazing. Start watching it.

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@nayeight @tinyfaery I’m watching the first episode right now, its almost at the end and I really like it so far, I’m going to watch the whole first season tonight.

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it’s addicting. the setting, the characters, it’s dramatic, a little funny, a little campy, a little scary, kind of sexy, great sex scenes by the way, it’s sentimental, one of my favorite shows. makes the thought of being a vampire seem kind of sexy and not so scary.

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it kind of reminds me of twilight in reverse because of the whole the human reads minds and can’t hear the vampires thoughts in True Blood where it is reversed in Twilight. (please no one made crude, ignorant comments about Twilight, I really have heard enough)

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I saw the connection to Twilight as well. I liked Twilight when I first read the books. There were always aspects of them I didn’t care for but I overlooked them. I don’t really care for Twilight anymore though, it got old. True Blood is much better in my opinion.

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@Corey_D finally someone who dosen’t bash it because of all the crazy teenagers gushing over Edward and the whole Twilight “hype”

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True Blood, has a lot of the supernatural in it, not just vampires (but I won’t spoil it for anyone with specific details) there is of course murder and gore, mystery, romance, lust,all the good stuff. This is not another “DarK Shadows” (which was pure camp)

It is based on a series of books (haven’t read them) the show is so good (in my opinion) its hard to wait a whole week for the next one. Its starting to get complex. so new viewers start at the beginning.

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Great show.

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I am hooked to this show! it is one of the better ones out there right now. once you start watching season 1 you won’t want to stop. you should definitely check it out. some of season one is still on demand or the dvd’s are out. season 2 just started a few weeks ago. So it wouldn’t be hard to catch up!

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you have to admit it has great sex scenes, too.

it’s also on facebook.

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I just finished the third episode last night and I’m hooked!

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