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Why did Anderson Cooper go to Africa to interview Obama? Couldn't he interview him HERE?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) July 10th, 2009
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CNN has recently taken on the journalistically dubious practice of embedding itself in the news rather than more than I think is appropriate. Exhibit A: Robin Meade parajumping with Bush the Elder. We can only hope that we will not AC and the Pres joining in a tribal dance.

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Sure, but the ratings will probably be so much better this way!

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Because that’s where President Obama is currently. It would make no sense to go anywhere else to interview him.

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@Marina: I can easily imagine AstroChuck and the Pres joining in a tribal dance.

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(@AstroChuck , I’m glad you edited that!)

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Africa puts the 360 in AC360.

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The background is so much more dramatic in Africa than in Washington, and perhaps Anderson Cooper likes traveling.

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