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Do you forsee a time when people pledge troth to a multi-national meta-corporation other than a country?

Asked by AstroChuck (37560points) July 10th, 2009

I believe that we are heading there now. I think sometime this century true fascism will come to fruition and the citizens of the Earth will pledge fidelity to some corporate “overlord” instead of their country. It scares me but I feel that’s where the world is heading. Who knows but someday the Coke-Pepsi Cola Wars could be fought with real live ammo.

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I will proudly bear the flag of Beersylvania.

and I thought we were already living in that time

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With luck, the poor economy will lance the god of materialism and your bleak vision will not achieve reality.

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snort! Beersylvania!

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Our Lord God Starbucks will never allow it!

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Meh, I mean people already pledge near-fanatical loyalty to their countries, which are controlled by corporations. It wouldnt be that big of a jump to cut out the middle man.

Umbrella Corp is America!

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i believe that it is already the case that company men and womern troth to the company above national, environmental, or human best interests.

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Only if Sarah Palin gets elected.

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You people are the biggest bunch of crackpots, I swear.

On second thought, though, it wasn’t all that long ago that regional corporations garnered the loyalty—mining towns and the like. Feudalism 3.0 here we come.

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Where have you been? We already are. It is called the World Bank. That is who our leader gets his pecking orders from.

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I, for one, welcome our new Victoria’s Secret overlords.

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@Grisaille- Congratulations. You’ve just made fascism sound like fun.

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I totally agree. nationalism is losing its ground. The internet has connected people beyond their country affinities, and total lack of faith in political processes, and big business are at play. It may take many years, of course, but you are not far off in your prediction. The first unions will be monetary..but the pressure to assimilate will become enormous from global is already beginning.

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@AstroChuck It’s what I do.

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You know, the entity I’d really like to see people get behind is all of humanity. Why the hell can’t we manage that?

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Self preservation and greed. That is why.

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Read Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age for a great depiction of what our world might be like when this scenario occurs.

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