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Can Anyone Give Me A Breakdown Of What Happens In The First Episode Of True Blood?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) July 10th, 2009

In detail please. Im watching it on the computer and it stops working after Sookie saves Bill. I’m going to watch the second episode right now but I want to at least know what happens in the first episode so I don’t get lost, and not understand the second episode. By the way I mean the first episode, first season.

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The details of this show can be found by performing a google search for “true blood episode guide”

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I had the same problem. Are you watching on Project Free TV?

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@Corey_D no, I’m watching it on

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WTF I started the second episode and those two red-necks who tried selling Bill’s blood are like killing Sookie! Wowo I really missed alot!

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Yes, she saved Bill then they swore revenge and came back for her.

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You didn’t miss a bunch. She did save him, he asked if he could call upon her from time to time, her brother tried v I think. Can’t be sure on that. A girl got killed and they thought her brother did it, but the inept detective can’t prove it. You get introduced to a lot of the characters in the show. Great show. I love it.

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read the books, too! It’s a fun series, quick reads, but fun!

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@cak there are books? whos the author?

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@stevenb I think a couple of the things you mention don’t happen until later.

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@desiree333 – Charlaine Harris is the author, look for the Sookie Stackhouse Series. The first book is Dead Until Dark.

Dead Until Dark

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the books are very popular now.

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@cak thanks, I’ll give the books a try :)

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