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Pleasant or unpleasant? What type of feeling gets you energized?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) July 10th, 2009 from iPhone

When I am happy I seem to get in a comfort zone and tend to be lazy. I’ve noticed that I get more done when I have unpleasant feelings. I just want to get out of that funk!

What type of feeling gets you motivated?

What type of feeling best describes you? Me? Call me Miss Indecisive.

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Anger can get me to organize and toss junk like nothing else can.

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When I’m sad/mad I like to clean my room
@Dog beat me to it!!

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I think I’m most energetic when I’m angry, unfortunately. That’s when I tend to just start randomly cleaning until things are spotless. I figure it’s better than breaking something or punching someone in the face. I also tend to get pretty energetic and twitchy when I’m facing a completely new situation. The energy/twitching comes from being either excited or nervous.

When I’m happy, I feel really calm. Kind of like I just want to float along and smile at people and even inanimate objects, just because everything feels right.

Edit: Overall, I too, would be in the family of Indecisive.

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@DrasticDreamer It took me 20 minutes to decide how to word this question. ;)

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I am most energized when I am well fed and have plenty of sleep. When things around me are unpleasant, I avoid them as much as possible.

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The rare bout of happiness energizes me. Anger just makes me buy things :)

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While I tend to agree that being angry will motivate me to go engage in an activity to work off said anger (exercise or chores), it’s not a time when I feel most productive to do important and/or enjoyable things. When I’m happy and in a good mood, that is when I believe I am at my best. I just feel a lot more can be accomplished when I’m calm, relaxed, and pleasant.

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Hmm, good question, and good answers. When I am in a good mood, I get things done, when I am mad, I just rant and rave, I can clean, but usually my anger focuses me on the things that pissed me off in the first place. I am more productive in a happy zone than in a sad one. My recent severe depression showed that being sad is only good in very small doses. Too much of that and I want to jump under the wheels of a semi. If i am sad, I have a tendency to spend money. If I am happy, I have a tendency to spend money. I have a financial problem, I can’t stop buying stuff.

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I feel inspired by happy events. If I have a great unusual meal I want to learn how to make parts of it and work on learning that over the next couple of weeks. When I go to a music festival I play my guitar a lot more than usual the following week. When I go to a flower show I come home and garden. I draw pictures of things I want to make after seeing something that sparks something in me at a museum. Seeing old friends can make me plan for a trip or party or some social event.

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I need to be worried about getting the tasks done and done well.. Not a lot of anxiety – then I’ll be immobilized and depressed.

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I’m better off as being happy. I’m more productive when I’m feeling good, more destructive when I’m ticked.

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I make better decisions when I’m happy and relaxed but pent up nervous energy puts me into a cleaning frenzy. When I’m angry I go for a walk and analyze the situation until I come to a decision/solution. Basically, when happy I’m productive with some things and when I’m angry I’m productive with other things. It’s not always an even balance but I keep moving and get things done. Otherwise, I’ll nap for hours, lol.

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Happiness makes me want to go out and do things. When I’m angry or sad, I usually just want to stay home in the bedroom and not talk to anyone.

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@DrasticDreamer exactly, yesterday, i got so mad at my mother, I cleaned up all the piles laying around within 5 minutes!

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ANGER!!! what the hell man. I can clean my room, clean the whole F’n house if i’m not doing anything else. Probably beat up the person that gets on my nerves the most. Music motivates me to dance and sing…when i’m all alone.

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When I am angry I get the most done. I actually have a yard sale coming up, and I hope that someone angers me so i can get all that sorting and organizing done.

I wonder if it is a distraction method. Maybe keeping busy is better for an angry mind, it could be a way to keep your mind off of the anger.

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Adrenaline. I use negative excitement (anger, hurt, etc.) as a tool just as I use positive excitement. Lots of housework, grooming, exercise and “quality time” benefits from adrenaline.

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I am most energized when I leave everything to the last min.
Then I have to do it, and then I kick ass.

Otherwise, when my office door is closed. Don’t wake me.

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@ChazMaz I get more done too when I have a short amount of time to get things done. If I have too much time I tend to procrastinate.

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They all have different ways of motivating for me,but I prefer a good mood :))

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Anger really gets me motivated. Seeing some one get screwed over always gets my blood pumping, cause I wanna jump in and fight the good fight!

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