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What'll happen if you're in this ship that's about to be eaten by a whirlpool?

Asked by yziabites (104points) July 11th, 2009

what if you’re cruising in this big ship, and then a whirlpool appear in the middle of the ocean? will the whole ship be really really sucked in? i know this is kinda stupid. LOL. it’s a scary thought, really.

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Here are several sentences right out of an article on Wikipedia that concerns whirlpools:

Powerful whirlpools have killed unlucky seafarers, but their power tends to be exaggerated by laymen. There are virtually no stories of large ships ever being sucked into a whirlpool. Tales like those by Paul the Deacon, Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe are entirely fictional.

By the way, your question isn’t stupid. I actually found it interesting and I learned something new by answering it.

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@Bluefreedom thanks!!! i just thought of my dad while i was daydreaming by a river earlier today. LOL. he works in a ship overseas.

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@yziabites. You’re welcome. Have a great weekend.

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hypothetically, a large enough bubble floating to the surface could cause a ship to disappear downward, were it to appear just below the ship.

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