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Do women still wear slips?

Asked by SuperMouse (30809points) July 11th, 2009

When I was working a full-time banking job I had at least ten different slips, full slips, half slips, mini slips, long slips. Are slips still a fashion must?

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I can’t speak for the rest of my generation, but I certainly do wear slips when I wear a dress or skirt. The outfit feels “staticy” almost and clings if I don’t wear a slip.

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I have one black & 2 beige slips. Haven’t worn them in years. The suit skirt I wear has a lining in it, so it’s not nescssary.

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I didn’t wear slips when they were common. It’s not that I wore see-through skirts or dresses… I just didn’t buy them if they’d require a slip, because I hate the feel of them and generally prefer not to feel constrained by my clothes. I recall that they used to be prevalent in lingerie departments, but now, I don’t really notice them there. I’d say wearing slips is much less common these days.

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I don’t own any slips. What’s the purpose of a slip anyway? I’ve never run across a skirt of dress that was see-through to the point where it required a slip. Is this a new thing?

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I wear them when necessary. But, I usually have to run out and find one, because I don’t keep any handy. It’s rare.

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After seeing the infamous photo of Princess Diana I do indeed wear a slip unless my skirt is made of heavy denim.

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fireinthepriory: the purpose of a slip is not just for see through clothing, it’s to make the skirt or dress hang better, move better, especially with stockings. also as mentioned above, a slip helps prevent static cling. they still sell them in stores so that’s a clue that some people do wear them. i try not to wear dresses so i’m not talking bout myself. however, in my dress and skirt wearing days (when i started my job) i would wear a slip under the suit skirt or dress.

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@Darwin That’s one of my favorite pictures of her, I think it’s too bad such a huge fuss was made about it.

Anyway, I haven’t worn slips since my mom made me when I was little…90’s basically, when they were still pretty common. I think slips and panty hose are pretty much on their way out for good. The only reason I ever wore a slip was so that skirts wouldn’t cling to my tights/stockings/panty hose, and I haven’t worn any of those since the age of 10 or 11.

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I’ve always hated slips. Haven’t worn one since I was a child. I might wear undies under a dress :)

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@Facade I have always hated slips too! I figured that whether or not people can see an outline of them, my legs are in there.

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@SuperMouse Pretty much. What’s so wrong with seeing the outline of legs?

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@jca Ahh, therein lies the confusion! I rarely wear stockings so I’ve only rarely experienced the static cling problem. Good to know the solution is a slip, actually! :)

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The only time I’ve worn a slip in recent memory was at my wedding. It was a second marriage, and I wore a slinky, slim fitting, white evening dress type of thing – you could see everything through it, even though it was lined! A slip was a must.

I suppose if I were the skirt/dress wearing type, and I had see through clothing I might wear them more often. Happily, that’s not the case. ;)

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Another reason for wearing a slip is if it happens to be that time of the month and you know you are prone to accidents, the slip will be the victim, not your expensive skirt.

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They’re still sold.

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For work outfits and dresses I have a few of the basics in neutrals – full length, ¾ and halves. I think they’re still sold, but many people just don’t wear the old school kinds anymore.

Personally, for bed, I have a whole collection of vintage slips from the 30’s and 40’s in different colors and lengths that I wear instead of pajamas. I just find them more comfortable and freeing than pajama sets, etc. so it’s one of those things I always look for in thrift and vintage stores.

I think that if people wear undergarments these days, they are actually turning toward more modern versions of shapewear, like Spanx or body shaping gear rather than actual slips. In some cases, this stuff serves both purposes.

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Nope. I haven’t worn one since my parents drove me to Sunday school. I don’t wear enough dresses or skirts to warrant owning one. And when I do wear a dress, it usually resembles a quilt in appearance and thickness.

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Yes, I still do but only when necessary – like going out on a sunny day and my skirt or dress is not “thick” enough. Mainly to avoid situations like the photo that @Darwin showed (of the late Princess Diana).

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regardless of whether i’m wearing a slip or not, unless my skirt is absolutely transparent, nobody’s gonna see anything they wouldn’t be seeing if i were wearing shorts/jeans – the outline of my legs. so i have yet to need to wear a slip.

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I only wear a slip when the dress/skirt i’m wearing is see thru. I have one slip that i’ve had since I was like 10. I wear it maybe once a year.

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never a thought from these women about trying to dress femininely. But that is the women’s movement isn’t it?

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I wear slips around the house for comfy clothes and also pant liners under jeans or slacks

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