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Have you ever had a moment where you said something or did something (that you shouldn't have), and as soon as you realized what had just happened, your stomach dropped?

Asked by Jude (32162points) July 11th, 2009

You know that awful feeling? And, then it’s like “oh, shit”...

What was it?

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The one time that comes to mind was when I was at my great-grandmother’s wake when I was 10 and, sitting in the pew waiting for the service to start (and trying to break the awkward silence that had befallen my family), I remarked that there “sure aren’t a lot of people here yet.”
stupid! stupid! stupid!

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Yes. I call it being awake.

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After you’ve crafted an elaborate lie-story, and then after a long long sequence of non-existent events, let something slip.

You feel a 10,000 foot drop open up below you.

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Yes!! When I called my mom some “names” the other day, she slapped me :(

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I remember saying playfully to my ex-husband (who is 7 years older than me) that since he doesn’t want to have sex with me I just will go and find someone younger who will…when I said it I realized I shouldn’t have said it out loud…he was mad for a while and I felt badly…also I sent a text message to my current husband when I was still married to my ex (we were on the rocks) and it didn’t go to the person intended and went to my ex instead and it was as if the universe was conspiring for this all to come to an end

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When i was talking to a friend and out of the sudden i told her “can’t u see i’m in love with u?” then 3 seconds later i wanted to die, then after that i rushed to puke, just like in my old modeling years before hitting the set… That was awful…

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@flameboi I know how you feel, that same thing happened to me once, but I didn’t puke

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@tink you feel like u r about to lose yourself, that is kind of sick, when i’m tense or anxious, i need a bucket near me…

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@flameboi Yes, like my stomach was turning, and I was getting teary eyed but I didn’t regret saying it

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Sometimes u do regret it… :(

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Him: “when’s the baby due”

Her: “what baby?”

Him: shutter and walk away

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Him: “How you doing sir?”

Her: “Its Ma’am”

Him: shutter and walk

Sometimes you just cant tell.

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Or: “What a beautiful baby girl!”

“It’s a BOY!”

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In family dynamics there are always those moments. I just called my son to say that what he told cousin A about what cousin B said had just got back to grandma who is now mad at aunt C for turning cousin B against cousin A. My poor son was just talking and didn’t mean any harm. I hate family drama!!!! How could grandma be mad about something she heard 4th hand??

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Well, I remember I made a fat joke about this fat kid back in 5th grade in front of his best friend. I was angry at him for constantly disrupting class and I felt like I didn’t care what I said about him (though I never would have said it in front of his face) and of course the other people with me laughed, but even though I didn’t say it in front of his face, saying it in front of his best friend was just as bad. He was not laughing at all. I felt instantly bad about it and I later apologized to him. It was almost like I was regretting it while I was saying it.

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Telling someone I loved them when I really didn’t.
Telling someone I loved them when they didn’t love me.
Telling someone I didn’t love them when I really did.

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Mine’s a little different. I was running sound for a local dance production in a 450 seat theater and as we did every night was participating on the intercom/headset with the other crew, telling jokes and talking smack. Toward the end of the show I started talking smack about this biker guy (the show features a Harley and this guy was one of the Harley guys) who required some babysitting since he would get so wrapped up in being cool backstage that he’d almost miss his cue. Anyway, so I’m jabbering and simultaneously go to open the second CD player to cue up the curtain/post-show music and accidentally open the first CD player, which stops the soundtrack at the fucking climax of the show. So, I go into a full bore panic, and the dancers, thankfully, are covering the silence with some grace. The director tells me to cue it to 2:49 or whatever, but the counter on the CD player, which is ancient and takes 30 seconds to reload and read the CD isn’t set to give me that number/time. So, I at least turned the house speakers down, but the stage monitors where still on and playing the sound of me FF through the final track and I just fucking guess at the spot, which completely throws off the timing of one of the choreographed interactions. Since I was still kind of a virgin with that crew, I got some sympathy, but I was sick until well after the show ended. I still shudder sometimes when I think about it.

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It happens when discovering too late that what I just uttered was stupid with no recovery available, or when realizing that what I just said had been told to me in confidence and was not to be repeated. Thankfully, such “foot-in-the-mouth” situations are rare occurrences and people that know me know I have no interest in petty secrets, and will not likely handle those with care (I’m fine at keeping important matters confidential). See ya…wtf

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