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What to wear to a country concert?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) July 11th, 2009

Okay so i’m not the biggest fan when it comes to country. My aunt asked me to join her to a Keith Urban concert and I accepted, I love concerts. I mean I’m from Texas, but I don’t have cowboy boots, and I’m not the gal to wear short skirts or short shorts. What to wear? Help!

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Id go with one of my band t’s. I’ve never been to a country concert before and don’t think I will but thats what I would wear

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I have a lynyrd skynyrd T? lol. god. I need to go shopping. Nothing in my closet seems right.

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Well wear that :)

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but with what shoes? and jeans?

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wear jeans and a tshirt. be comfortable in what you’re wearing.

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I’m just sorry you have go to a concert where country music will be playing
we’ll be praying for you

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wear jeans “Levis” would do the trick
and boots like these

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Denim is the way to go.
The more denim the better.

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A look of deep, deep shame.

Country music should be illegal.

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@NazNthahouse23 female or male?
i’m confused

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Just wear jeans and a t-shirt. Don’t be a “Christmas Cowgirl” as we call them in Oregon. That would be someone who isn’t actually that into country music or the general cowboy lifestyle, but who dresses up as one when they go out. It’s obvious it’s not genuine and it just looks kind of silly.

Be yourself and have fun with your aunt – even if it means you make fun of her for the kind of music she likes. I wouldn’t blame you. ;)

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nevermind! you wrote down skirts so i’m assuming you’re a girl/woman/lady…whatever

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Jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers would do fine. Folks are there for the music, not to make a fashion statement.

However, I suggest you leave your Goth gear at home.

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You’re going to see all kinds of people at a Keith Urban concert, not just people in Wranglers and boots. Definitely wear comfortable, close-toed shoes. Things spill, people accidentally step on people in close quarters – protect your toesies. Jeans are good. They’re easy to move around in, easy to clean if something gets on them, if it’s outside the dirt won’t be an issue in jeans. Go with a t-shirt. If you like the Lynyrd Skynyrd one, then wear that. Pretty much any t-shirt, tank top, or something similar will work.


Hmpf.. I like country music. I don’t care if I stand alone on that issue.

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Haha wear tight skinny jeans and combat boots :)

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@AllieI like country music, too. It is still designed so you can dance to it and hear the words.

I am particularly partial to George Strait and some of the relative old-timers such as George and Tammy.

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i’m glad to hear i’m not the only one that likes country music

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You could go in goth garb if you want. I have. Sure, you might get some weird looks, but no more than you would anywhere else. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in!

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If I were going to a Keith Urban concert, I would probably wear a denim mini skirt, a cute tight t-shirt, and some boots, not cowboy boots, just regular boots. I wore almost exactly that to see Brooks and Dunn at the rodeo and I felt very comfortable. Jeans and a T-shirt would be fine too.

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@NazNthahouse23: Assume that no one will be looking at you. When you get home, see whether you can remember what the people on either side of you were wearing.

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Thanks guys. The concert was last night. That’s why I quickly turned to fluther for answers. Anyways if you wanted to know what I ended up wearing, this outfit is mostly like what I wore.
A black vest, with a white top underneath, dark blue skinny jeans, and cute sandals. I ended up regretting wearing sandals because a guy stepped on my toes. Ouch!

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@NazNthahouse23: I guess you should have listened to @Allie

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I guess the guy was wearing boots right??

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@NazNthahouse23 I’m too late for suggestions. Did you have a good time with your aunt?

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you don’t have to pretend to be a country fan just because you’re going to a country concert. wear something you like. (:

edit: ah, nice outfit.

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@Tink1113 haha Yes, the guy was wearing cowboy boots. He messed up my pedicure. =/ & @jonsblond It’s okay because I did have fun with my aunt even though country is kind of out of my element. My aunt is like in her 60’s, but boy does she know how to have a good time lol. Keith Urban was also great! It was a good 1st country concert to go to.

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You should have worn this. You would have been so accepted.
Once again, I’m very sorry you had to endure such musical disaster.

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lmfao. @Clair ahhhh i’ll pass on that one. btw everyone I am not emo, and the lynyrd skynyrd T was given to me at random. So it’s not that I’m a fan, it’s just something that I had in my closet.

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