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Do other people think this?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) January 4th, 2008

That they have the most genius answer to something and they pray someone will ask it on Fluther?

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No, but tell us what the answer is!

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I hope somebody will ask me how to stop an attacking moose dead in its tracks using only your pinkie finger and a paper clip. So far, no luck :(

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yes, do tell. This sounds suspiciously like Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…

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Because they discover the answer to the most important question is existence before they figure out what the question actually is.

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My b/f and I were talking about absinthe, and how everyone is always game for it. They are always looking for that absinthe trip. His question was but why oh why don’t people ever wanna try other mind altering drugs? They act like they are the plague basically, when absinthe does the same thing, and one top of that the thing in absinthe that causes the trip or detachment from the body is wormwood. Wormwood is actually poisonous if not careful. My answer was basically because we are not made to believe to hate absinthe or fear it. You are not told in school “Oh absinthe is bad for you never touch the stuff.” So thus people are less afraid and think less of it. When I say this I more so direct this at Americans, for it is illegal in our country to sell. So in general it is foreign to us, so we dont generally associate with it as much as other countries do. That goes for most drugs actually, our country is very up tight about these things. So there is my long reply to the answer I so much wanted to share. Perhaps not the greatest answer but I liked it.

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So how do you stop an attacking moose dead in its tracks using only your pinkie finger and a paper clip?

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