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What are some good questions to ask? :)

Asked by pizzaman (210points) July 11th, 2009
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1) Something to which you want to know the answer, such as I am going to Chicago next week, so where should I stay? or What is there to do at Navy Pier?

2) Something that will generate discussion, such as Why do you think Megan Fox said what she did about the movie that gave her her big break, Transformers II?

Just pick something that relates to your own life.

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welcome to FLUTHER…
anything as long as they follow the guide book.

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@pizzaman Welcome to Fluther!

Just to add to the answers given it is great to search the archives. Not only is there excellent info in them but they will give you a good idea quality question writing.

Once you want to ask a question be sure to add details and links to references if needed.

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I’ve only been here for six days now, but I asked personal questions that I really needed advice on. I don’t think you wanna force any questions, let them come to you, the great thing about this site is there is so much information to read that if you don’t have a question, you don’t have to ask one.

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Why do you care what I think?

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Welcome to Fluther!

I’d recommend just clicking around and see what others are asking for a general idea.

For a more in depth overview of the site, there is a Frequently Asked Questions page that I found very useful when I first started.

Have fun!

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Is this a trick question? (looking around) It is, isn’t it?!?

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My favorite question come from, Out of the Box. Imagine someone asking questions like this. What would some of these questions be? I can give you one example that has been asked many times on different forums. “who created God?”

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1) If you were colorblind, what would the world look like?

2) What would it take for you to be a total slut or a total stud?
I don’t mean how much money would it take; I mean what would it have to mean for you to do it? Love for all your partners? Or they all love you? Or physical beauty? Religious dispensation to do it? What is in the way of you becoming a total stud or a total slut?

3) How do you take care of those orchids you buy in the supermarket?

4) If you were falling from a plane without a parachute, what would you be thinking?

5) When was the last time you felt unbearable pain? What happened?

6) When was the last time you felt unbearable pleasure? What happened?

7) Have you ever had a really interesting experience with a bug or a bat or a snake? Describe it.

8) Can you make up a four line stanza for a nonsense poem that rhymes and sounds like it should mean something?

9) If you were tortured, how long would it be before you cracked? Why would they be torturing you?

10) Where do you keep your love letters (or emails or tweets or texts or whatever)?

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