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Do you feel a need to live in a place that is called a 'Country'?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) July 11th, 2009

We all do,except for those poor unfortunates that live in so called ‘Failed States’, but are you fully comfortable with this situation,do you perhaps feel that such an arrangement is somewhat restrictive? Or are you happy with the set up that you have? What are your thoughts on this matter?

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We don’t need to but we have to. There’s little choice lest we set up shop in Antarctica.

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Interesting concept…I haven’t considered this a restriction…I wouldn’t care to erase borders and be one big nation with other nations…as long as I am not forced to do or believe in things against my will

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Antarctica aside, what are my other options?

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I need a place with a GOOD government system that really works with it’s people and benefits it’s inhabitant, i dont give a crap what it’s called, so long as it exists!

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United Earth always sounded good to me.

Since that is not the reality right now, I do like being an American and being associated with the values and ideals and opportunities I associate with being an American.

But, if I had an offer to live somewhere that would go basically unnoticed by the world, and I could be safe and able to have shelter and food in a good climate it would sound very appealing also. Especially, if it had a bunch of my friends and family—I have a fantasy about a commune life like that on an island somewhere.

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Has a nice ring to it… Country… Mmmmmm, Donuts…

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” Better the pride that resides,
in a Citizen of the World.
Than the pride that divides,
When a colourful rag is unfurled”.

From the song ‘Territories’ by Rush
Lyrics by Neil Peart.

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@lloydbird thank you for that. United Earth is from Star Trek if you didn’t know, can’t take the credit. Circa 2063 :).

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@JLeslie Glad you like it. The United Earth from Star Trek ( Circa 2063) must have begun
in earnest at some time!! ;-)

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I am a citizen of the world! All hail Zeus!


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