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Do you have any opinions or information about the Ford Fusion Hybrid?

Asked by JLeslie (59377points) July 11th, 2009

I traditionally am very negative about American cars, but today I went to test drive the Ford Fusion Hybrid. I liked it. Does anyone in the collective own one? Have you heard any stories about the car that you can share with me?

Also, I wonder about the battery. How quickly will the charge start to degrade (not sure that is the proper word). What I mean is my lap-top battery over time does not hold a charge as long as when I first bought it, I guess the same thing will happen to the cars battery? Also, does anyone know how long they have been testing the car before bringing it to market, to get a real life idea about the battery?

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Ye of little faith in American cars. There’s actually nothing wrong with most of them.

I know little to nothing about the Ford Fusion Hybrid, but what I do know sounds positive. If you can afford it, it sounds like a good purchase.

As per your questions about the battery. Car batteries (for hybrids or battery powered cars) go through EXTREMELY extensive testing, FAR more than a laptop battery or cell phone battery. I remember reading that GM had required that their battery for the soon coming Volt had to be tested to be able to charge up to like 90% after 2–3 years or something to that effect. You can likely rest assured that the battery will not be an issue.

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@westy81585 thanks for your response. I have owned a Nissan Maxima, Dodge Ram Hemi truck, Mazda 626 and Miata, Porsche 911 and Cayenne, Audi TT, Saab aero convertable, Acura TL, 2 Corvette’s and a Honda Civic…all bought new from the dealer. The only cars that had NOTHING go wrong were the Japanese ones. I know I just put a curse on myself, and the next Japanese car I buy will be a lemon, but I am just talking from my own personal experience. I went to college in Michigan, they are not too thrilled with my opinion on these things.

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Good lord, can you buy me a car? lol

I can’t attest to the Ram, I’ve heard they’re pretty good. Bad luck of the draw I guess.

But the Saab, no wonder you don’t like them, lol. And vettes and porsche’s are nice, but really only as toys. And being what they are they have to be VERY well cared for. (kind of same with the quattro… speedy little cars).

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The Ram only had a minor problem, one of the motors in the drivers seat quit. Many of the problems were minor, in these cars, but still annoying to get them fixed. The Porsche 911, which is only 2 years old, just had some work done that added to $1400, but under warranty, so free for us. STILL! Saab was owned by GM when I bought it, do you count that as Swedish or American? Window didn’t work correctly at one point, and then there was a leak of the coolant, when I brought it in she said, “yeah, we see that all of the time.” Ummm, maybe you should do a recall, what if I had been 30 miles to the next exit and my car started to overheat? I could go on.

My husband LOVES cars. I knew when I got married I would always be spending more than I wanted to on them, but it makes him happy.

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hahaha, yah, we definitely like our cars :)

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I’ve had excellent luck with my Toyota truck compared to the Chevys I’ve had over the years. Face it folks, the Japanese make better vehicles. I get a lot of grief for owning a Japanese vehicle here in the Midwest, but my pat answer is, “Well, if the UAW would make something I could put my faith in, I’d buy American.” UAW is sarcastically known as Usually Avoiding Work

I know, I’ve probably pissed off some union workers with that statement, but there I’d guess there aren’t too many of them here today, since NASCAR is on.

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The name is highly misleading, the vehicle is NOT powered by a fusion reactor.

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