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What are your all time favorite songs?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) July 11th, 2009

I love music and a couple of my all time favorite songs would be…
don’t trust me by 3oh!3,
poker face by lady gaga,
misery business by paramore,
seventeen forever by metro station, and more!!

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My is here.

If you don’t want to go there, I guess I could answer some here.

A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
Mr. Blue Sky – ELO
Coffee and TV – Blur
Spiralling – Keane
Taxman – The Beatles
Seventeen Years – Ratatat

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i have so many fav songs but they are all by these artists
Thousand Foot Crutch

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Hmm I had alot before this question was edited :(

Starlight, Exo-Politics, Pink Ego Box-Muse
Too Too Fast- Ra Ra Riot
Ignorance- Paramore (new!)
Dare4distance- Nevershoutnever!
The Guillotine- Escape the Fate
Roll Over Beethoven- ELO
My Immortal- Evanescence

But my number one right now is:
When I Look At You- Lesley Roy

I love that song!!!

And alot more, but I’m too lazy to write them all :)

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I like hot and cold by katy perry!!! I like my life would suck without you by kelly clarkson and i love out from under by britney spears!! :)

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So the OP is 15? :)

Blue and Yellow – The Used
Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

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OP? I’m abbreviation retarded…

Lemme add We Are Nowhere And It’s NowBright Eyes to my list.

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Original post

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Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel
Desperado – The Eagles
Back Porch – The Presidents of the United States of America
Martian Landscape – UFO
Waiter, There’s a Yawn in my Ear – Manfred Mann
Who Are You – The Who
He Loved Him Madly – Miles Davis
Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer
Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo

And that’s just a few of my more modern faves. Most of my favorite music is classical.

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Forget the songs. It’ll take me eternity to type them down.
I might as well give you the artists/bands:
The Beatles, the temptations, jackson 5, Chicago, Depeche mode, cyndi lauper, REO speedwagon, Europe, Survivor, OZZY, tina turner, Foreigner, Journey, the acadamy is…, A-ha, BON JOVI, Angels and Airwaves, Blink-182, Coldplay, Cheap trick, Alphaville, Corey Hart, THE CURE, death cab for cutie, Pat benatar, bad company, the bellamy brothers, CHAIRLIFT, tim myers, tegan and sara, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Jefferson Starship, HEART, jason mraz, Eric carman, DURAN DURAN, THE KILLERS, KORN, ACDC, cher, KINGS OF LEON, MEN AT WORK, Michael jackson, elvis presley, NEIL DIAMOND, OAR, PHIL COLLINS, PRINCE, QUEEN, Remy Zero, TOTO, RICHARD MARX, ROB THOMAS, Sam Cooke, the script, THE POLICE, TACO, R.E.M., new order, daft punk, ROGUE WAVE, ROONEY, U2, the scorpions, Santana, the thompson twins, the verve, yellow card, JOHN LENNON, Zombies, the cranberries, Eagles, The young rascals….
and many more…..

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My all time favourite song is No One by Alicia Keys followed by Couldn’t Have Said it Better by Meat Loaf and Patti Russo.

There are others that I love a lot but these are my two “desert island discs”.

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Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
My Funny Valentine Rogers & Hart
Over the Rainbow Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg
Something Wonderful from the King and I Rogers & Hammerstein

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All of them.

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Ooofffff…this is hard. I’m a music lover and it would take me forever to list everything down. Not only would it bother me not to put everyone I like (from the 50’s to the present) – it would give me a headache trying to remember. For now, I’d just say EVERYTHING NEW WAVE!!! it’s always been on top of my list anyway

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I’m pretty sure I’ve answered a question similar to this on Fluther already. Instead of going back and searching for my previous answer, I’m going to consult my iPod right next to me here at my computer, where many of my favorite songs happen to be stored, so that I can list some of those songs right here and now in answer to your question.

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Sunshine On My Shoulders – John Denver
Fire & Rain – James Taylor
It’s Too Late – Carole King
Too Much Heaven – The Bee Gees
You’ve Made Me So Very Happy – Blood, Sweat & Tears
Always & Forever – Heat Wave
Through the Years – Kenny Rogers
Broken Rainbow – Laura Nyro
Melissa – The Allman Brothers Band
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is – Chicago
Shine A Little Love – Electric Light Orchestra
Forever Young – Rod Stewart
Rocky Mountain High – John Denver
Tin Man – America
Love So Right – The Bee Gees
No Regrets – Phoebe Snow
Up, Up, and Away – The 5th Dimension
You Make Loving Fun – Fleetwood Mac
More Today Than Yesterday – Spiral Starecase
A Summer Place – Percy Faith & his Orchestra
It Keeps You Running – The Doobie Brothers
Yesterday – The Beatles

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all time favourite?
june on the west coast – bright eyes (i think everyone on fluther would like to slap me for mentioning this song in almost every music related question, and so would i)
(i can’t get no) satisfaction – cat power (it’s a cover, obviously)
walk this way – aerosmith ft run dmc
don’t let me down – the aggrolites
hand in my pocket – alanis morisette
maps – yeah yeah yeahs
little ghost – the white stripes
waldorf worldwide – good charlotte (cheesiest song ever omg)
after hours – the velvet underground & nico
nothing to you – two gallants
saturday as usual- bright eyes
i’ll try anything once – the strokes
mistakes we knew we were making – straylight run
revolution nine – the beatles
the body breaks – devendra banhart (aka the beautiful man in my avatar)
st ides heaven – elliott smith
saturday – the misfits
(i don’t wanna go to) chelsea – elvis costello
carpet baggers – jenny lewis ft elvis costello
imaginary places – busdriver
rip it up – buddy holly

…among countless others

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