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Why do dogs insist on sleeping as close to you as they can?

Asked by angelic_fire_hazzard55555 (83points) July 11th, 2009

some mornings i wake up and my little chihuahua is pushed as close to my side as he can be i mean there are times that he has almost pushed me off

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Does it get cold at night? Small short haired breeds may seek warmth.

My Dalmatian will sleep on my foot if I am working. I think they just don’t want to miss out on any possible attention or movement by their “person.” Also coming into play might be the role of protector many dogs take on.

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well currently the airconditioner at my house is broken so its definately not cold at night my room does tend to be coolest though

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Safety in being close to you. You are part of the pack now.

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They care for you and make sure your okay and that your protected and they probally like cuddling like my dog! :P

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Because they love you.

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dogs are pack animals. Look at puppies sleeping, they are always in a “puppy pile” Once the dog lives with you, you become his pack.

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Because I still have some crumbs in my moustache from dinner.

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The dog is wondering why you insist on sleeping in his bed, no matter how he tries to push you out, you just keep coming back, night after night…
He really doesn’t think you’re very bright.

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the little dog is just stupid and scared. It would never last in the wild, you are its protector

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Our dogs like to be in physical contact with everyone in their pack, so they sleep in a heap on the floor with a foot stuck out to touch my foot or my husband’s. The Monks of New Skete say letting your dog sleep near you at least is important to maintaining the bonds of the pack.

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What bugs me is when they sleep with their legs stuck straight out, just to possess as much of the bed as possible. My dog likes to crawl under the blankets and lick the back of my knees or my feet. It feels weird, but it helps me to go to sleep.

oddly enough, it makes me feel like I’m her 180 lb. puppy.

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Maybe he’s just really affectionate and he feels secure when he’s close to you. Both of my big boys always try to be as close to me as possible. Especially if they’re sleeping. They’re just big love bugs :-)

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They like to know you’re there.

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I often dream I am paralyzed then wake up to find a dog pinning me down on each side. It is scary!

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It’s the puppy pile thing. My 10 year old still misses his 8 siblings, he sleeps in my bed and it’s always his back to mine just like puppies do. The comment about the dog being stupid and scared was totally uncalled for,
he’s probably one of those skinny fools who buys a Pitbull kicks it around till it hates everyone so he feels protected with a savage dog by his side. It’s the same old story big dog>>small intellect.

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