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How do I get a new Iphone at a new contract price from AT&T if mine was stolen?

Asked by thinc01 (5points) July 11th, 2009


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Call Apple and see if they have a replacement program for theft. I know they have a program to replace water damage phones at contract price. Did you have the remote phone activated? The 3.0 software has a lojack of sorts for iPhones.

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Wow sorry to hear that. That’s really unfortunate. Should of used Find my iPhone!
Keep this in mind for next time.

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Keep us informed with what apple says. I’d be interested to see what they say and what happens.

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Just curious, did you have the insurance on the phone? AT&T offers this service for like 4.99/month on top of your bill. I believe it also covers water damage and theft, but you need to have this service added BEFORE tragedy strikes. General warranty generally does not cover lost, stolen, water-damaged, and abused items. I would call AT&T and see what they can do for you.

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AT&T does not cover water damage, even if you pay for the insurance. If the little dot inside the back of the phone under the battery is pink, forget it.

You might, however, be able to buy a re-manufactured phone online for a reasonable price.

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Even though the phone was stolen, the contract still stands. So if you were to get a new phone on a new contract you would have to still pay the old contract too until it expires.

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are you sure that the insurance doesn’t cover water damage? My boyfriend has AT&T and he told me that it’s covered. The insurance is provided by a third party company, with whom I have insurance on my T-Mobile phone for 5.99. They cover water damage. Don’t see why it would be different for AT&T customers.

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All I know is that when my daughter’s phone quit working they asked us what color the dot was. After we told them it was white, they told us that if it had been pink it would indicate water damage, and that water damage is not covered. We have AT&T (formerly Cingular) and once out of warranty are covered by the third party insurance. There is also a $50 copay.

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