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What happened to Hitler's body?

Asked by Jack79 (10989points) July 11th, 2009

I am pretty sure I watched a documentary many years ago where there was the body of Hitler lying on the ground and people were passing by and kicking him. But tonight I watched this documentary on National Geographic saying his body was never found and that actually there were conspiracy theories for a while that he might have survived and gone into hiding.

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Hitler, along with his wife Eva Braun, committed suicide in his bunker in April 1945, as Soviet forces entered Berlin. Cyanide and a gunshot to the temple. His final orders to his men were to burn their bodies afterwards, which they presumably did.

Hitler, like Saddam Hussein, had many doubles (dopplegangers) to ward off assassination attempts.

To my knowledge, no one has ever claimed to have Hitler’s real body.

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They flushed it down the potty.

and ‘round and ‘round it goes,
and ‘round and ‘round it goes…

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I hear he tasted like chicken.

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His troops burned his bodies as per his last order. The Russian government actually has in it’s archives various “body parts” that are claimed by different people to be the last remains of Hitler (I believe the one I saw was a charred skull fragment). But no tests or anything have confirmed that.

What you likely saw (if anything) was one of his doppelgangers bodies or something along those lines being kicked.

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The Russians claim they have TONS of peoples’ body parts. Supposedly, they have Stalin’s brain and Hitler’s brain locked away somewhere.

Probably in case COBRA needs to reconstruct Serpentor…

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@eponymoushipster They have their brains locked away in a vault until they can settle a deal with a hollywood studio to get them their own sitcom….. The Genocidal Couple… coming this fall…..

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I think he was buried at some point and later disinterred. When they finally got another look at him here, they got an indication about how broken up he was about losing the war.

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If Hitler were alive, he would have a talk show

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That was very naughty of you, @ChazMaz, but I laughed anyway.

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In a ditch, covered in petrol, on fire.

(I just love Eddie Izzard)

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Ya, I saw a movie where they kept his head alive in a lasagna pan, and it was barking out orders to kill people. They Saved Hitler’s Brain

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…because lasagna was Hitler’s favorite dish.

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Well, the truth of the matter is, historically speaking, Hitler and Eva Braun were wrapped in blankets after they killed themselves, placed in a shallow trench and the bodies burned by dousing them with petrol. Of course, fresh bodies do not burn well, and a soldier was sent up with a second five gallon can of petrol to continue the process. A mortar shell struck very close to the area while he was up there to do the deed. He panicked, and ran back into the bunker, not setting the second fire.

The Russians found and spirited away the bodies and cremated them proper. They have been stored in a KGB vault for the last seventy or so years, and only recently has the truth come out that the Russians still maintain control of the remains.

Eva Braun committed suicide via a cyanide capsule, and Hitler via a bullet to the head, only after watching Eva die. Death via cyanide poisoning is not pretty and not instantaneous. It takes a while and it pretty painful. The rumor that Hitler used cyanide AND a bullet is false. He only used a bullet.

The really disgusting part is Magda Goebbels killing her six children with poison. That is truly monstrous.

@eponymoushipster, Hitler’s favorite dish was Vienna sausages and he drank his beer and wine watered down. twenty years of researching WW2 fills ones head with all sorts of arcane trivia.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra i think your sarcasmometer is busted.

cyanide is a bad way to go. your essentially choking your cells to death, depriving them of oxygen. slowly.

the whole damn thing is monsterous.

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I heard he had a lot of doubles, so who knows if the guy they thought was Hitler really was him??? Maybe he got away and nobody knows how he really died. Or… maybe he really did commit suicide.. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

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Hitler did NOT have doubles, and he never really feared assassination, simply because he thought Providence protected him. He often rode in an open car, standing up. He never learned to drive, and when he went anywhere, he always had the driver go very fast, as he liked the feeling of speed. After a few failed assassination attempts, he took more care with his public appearances, but he was too much of a megalomaniac to use body doubles.

We know how he died because there are records, and eye witnesses. The Germans were very exacting about keeping records for everything.

Some other facts about Hitler, just for the record. He was NOT a vegetarian, he was NOT a teetotaler, he abhorred smoking and passed the first smoking ban in the history of the modern world. He despised atheists, and thought they should be wiped out, along with homosexuals, union organizers, and Jews. He also started a program where the inmates of an asylum were injected with poison and left to die in one of the first experiments of the Final Solution. He corresponded with Henry Ford, and both men admired the other. The man also had no sense of humor whatsoever.

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Others have answered this question well, so I need not bother. I think what you remember is what happened to Mussolini’s remains. He was strung up in a public square for the locals to beat his body, until it was disposed of some days later.

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No, I’m pretty sure it was a body lying on the ground and he had a moustache. It was actually a very powerful image and I still remember it. Of course it may have been a lookalike that people in that tape thought was Hitler (they had formed a single file and slowly walked up to the body, kicked it and moved on). Or it may have just been someone else with a moustache, eg some concentration camp leader that had been killed, or something similar. The people were very thin and weak, and civilians. They didn’t kick him with any particular force, because they obviously didn’t have much strength left. They could have easily been freed Jews. I just always assumed it was the body of Hitler but I obviously remember it wrong.

Thank you all for your answers btw.

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It’s in the Smithsonian, right next to John Dillinger’s dick.

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It’s shown here

based on witness reports. A movie worth watching.

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