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What is a good DVD ripping software for free on PC?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) January 4th, 2008
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I heard of hand brake but never tried it so I say Nero

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That’s not free (Nero)

But, if you want it to be free…there is a way. I’m not condoning, nor is Fluther, any illegal behaviour. You asked the question, So, I’m giving you one possible answer amongst, probably, many others that you can educate yourself on.

Some people use torrents to acquire/test programs that they may not otherwise be able to afford by this means. If you have bittorrent or another torrent client, you can go to sites like Mininova and download a program (like Nero…or Nero itself) . This is considered piracy. It IS illegal.

The other option is to google DVD rippers + opensource and see if there’s any free open source programs. They , usually, don’t have the flashy interface of ripppers like Nero. But they work. They do the same thing.

Personally, I would go buy Nero. It’s the best there is.

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One of the most popular and easiest I’ve seen is DVD Shrink

Just insert the disc, analyze, check settings and backup. It also has a fair number of options to control quality and some other things

You can download it for free from Softpedia

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ya nero is prolly the best one out there cuz u can do so much more than just rip movies but if u have comcast witch I do then u will not b able to download torrents cuz comcast is gay like that :)

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But he just want’s to rip movies, atr. He doesn’t have the burn them, because he already has them on DVD. ;-)

I second mike, is the best.

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DVD Shrink is what I’ve used it for years – and love it. Very rarely do I have any errors with copy protected discs.

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DVD Shrink isn’t for ripping it’s for copying. Different thing. Although… I use DVD Shrink almost exclusively for copying.

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@mikebrown – Uhh…Yeah – actually DVDShrink IS for ripping – it rips the movie and converts it so that you can write it on a single layer (cheap) disk – and not for copying. That’s why I use CopyToDVD to burn them with. But….

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I mean, what comes after “But….”?

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