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Does anyone despise RENO 911 as much as I do?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) July 11th, 2009
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I lurve Reno 911.

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That show sucks. The title for the movie made me laugh tho. “Reno 911: Miami!”

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I find it not particularly intelligent, and not particularly funny, either. The first Police Academy movie was much better.

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it’s not a great comedy, but i think it’s definitely above average. Good for an every once in a while kind of show, because some episodes are genuinely hilarious.

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That’s a very polarizing show isn’t it?
There don’t seem to be many who have seen it that don’t have a strong opinion about it.
It’s lowbrow but clever.

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My son likes it, which to me pegs it’s intellectual worth somewhere below that of Sponge Bob.

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I enjoy it.

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i thought it was a documentary

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I haven’t watched an entire episode, but the parts I have seen are not my brand of comedy.

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i don’t really get it’s popularity. it’s obviously in the vein of those half-scripted/half-improv TV shows, like Curb Your Enthusiasm and such. But it’s nowhere near as good.

But i’d take that over Drawn Together any day. That show is a turd.

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I rate stupid comedies by how many times they make me laugh per episode. So far, Reno gets me at least once every time, so that puts it above at least 60% of shows out there – way better than recent episodes of the Simpsons, for instance.

I think Reno does best when it sticks to satirizing Cops, especially in its depictions of crazy people: “I got two socks…I got one shoe!” Pure gold.

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It’s way too stupid for me.

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I really like it. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Lost, occasionally Mad TV, Unsolved Mysteries, Reno 911!. Reno 911! is pretty much the only show like it that I watch; I love the improv faux-reality aspect of it. I also like The Office. I haven’t seen that much of it, though. I really enjoy its quirkiness and I’ll admit that not every minute of it is funny. It’s composed of small scenes and some of those small scenes are funny and some aren’t, but I still find it entertaining in general and I like to watch it. Rory likes it too and we’ve been watching it here in SD. It’s just something fun to watch. I also like the characters, which probably makes a difference. I also love the theme song scenes.

I also did know that it actually was mostly improv until somewhat recently. That made me like it even more.

Also, my aunt is a cop in Reno. She loves it.

@boots Fuck yeah. :)

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Odd im watching it right now.

I watch a few episodes get sick of it and pick it back up about 1–2 seasons later.

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God is that show stupid or what!?...ok…I feel better now :)

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I enjoy it, too.

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I lurve it!!!

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Married With Children did a much better parody of COPS, and it only lasted a couple episodes.

Reno 911 is like they took a bad MadTV skit and expanded it to a full episode.

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It’s amusing in all the wrong ways. And some days I like that, and some I can’t stand it. It can be pretty damn tasteless sometimes.

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I used to love it, but haven’t kept up with it and don’t watch it anymore. Doesn’t bother me though.

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I love that show, but it’s one of the shows you have to watch at night, becuz somehow at night our brains are less functionable do to daily fatigue and that leaves our sense of humor just slightly below that of others. so if you’re a person who enjoys staying up late it is highly likely you enjoy dirty joke comedy and rude humor, just like that of Reno 911!

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I lurve Reno 911 and I also lurve The State.

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this question just reminded me of a deal i had with a friend that if he watched project runway, i’d watch reno 911.
i didn’t.

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I think it is up there in the category of Bruno, which I cannot even tolerate watching on commercials. I have tried to watch it but it isn’t interesting to me.

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@tavj930 Reno 911 is not similar to Bruno. Bruno is shock humor that messes with real life people. Reno 911 is totally staged and far more clever.

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Sorry for that, I meant that I found it tasteless and that is why I made the comparison. But you are right, Bruno is shock humor.

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@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA I don’t despise it – but I don’t like it enough to watch it. It’s unfunny.

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I simply don’t watch tv shows I don’t like.

Hard to despise something I never look at.

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I really like the absurdity aspect of Reno911 and the characters on the show are about as sublimely absurd as they can get. Generally, I appreciate humor in most of it’s contemporary forms and see absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a little ‘stupid’ humor now and then. I also enjoy highbrow intellectual humor. Unfortunately, there are too many humor Nazis and PC types out there who look down on certain types of humor and many of these folks tend to get bent out of shape when others don’t share their limited sense of humor.

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Its clever but not overly brilliant.

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