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Is it possible to write SMS on an iPhone 3GS via a Mac computer's keyboard?

Asked by meemorize (324points) July 12th, 2009

Hello everyone.

I just bought an iPhone 3GS and was used to writing all my SMS’ from my Mac Pro’s keyboard by connecting my old Sony Ericsson phone to it via BluePhone Elite software (bluetooth).

Is this at all possible with the iPhone? BluePhone elite does not support this feature at all, but maybe there are 3rd party tools that I don’t know about that can enable this?

FYI: My iPhone is the 3GS, 32GB version and is jailbroken via the redsn0w 0.8 software. Cydia is installed and working well.

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your feedback on this.


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from what I remember, you can hook up some phones to apple’s address book, and use that to send sms’es from your computer. The feature wasn’t compatible with my sony ericsson but i think it should work with an apple phone! so give it a try. Open address book, click on the bluetooth icon, and then select your iphone to pair with. Then you can send sms’s to any of your addressbook contacts by typing the sms on your mac, and having it sent through the phone. And I’m sure there must be ways to export your phone contacts to address book. On my sony ericsson, i simply marked all contacts, and selected the option to send them via a vcard file over bluetooth, and address book imported them beautifully. With an iPhone I’m guessing the transition will be even smoother…give it a try and lemme know how it goes…meanwhile i’ll try out this bluephone elite with my SE….is it a free app??

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The address book is natively my ‘phonebook’ on the iPhone, so its integration is great BUT it does not allow sending and receiving SMS through it (on the computer side).

It’s a shame really but the iPhone is great nevertheless.

The BluePhone Elite is not free unfortunately but very well worth the $25. Just make sure your phone work correctly with the software using the trial they have.


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oh alright…that’s strange…coz i remember seeing an option to send sms’es in mine…anyhow, i’m on my PC right now, I’ll check it out later on the mac…and I dunno about bluephone, i’ve never really believed in paying that much for software…i’m not american so the exchange rate means 25 dollars is pretty steep for such basic functionality…and besides, you can do everything for some free webapp or the other nowadays!!

for example, for sending sms’es from my computer, i use yahoo chat, which is built-in to the yahoo webmail page. so you just have to go to your inbox, press t, and send the message to any of your contacts. and its even better than hooking up your phone, coz it sends sms’s for free..the number on the caller id for the reciever won’t be yours, but your username will be shown in the message, and they’ll be able to reply by sms, and you can see the replies online almost as if you’re chatting with him…
another couple of sites that do sms’s online are and, but you’ll have to check up on whether they work in your area and fit your requirements…
the web/computer to mobile network interface is still quite messed up

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You can SMS via GoogleTalk if you wish…

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If you want to SMS from your jailbroken iPhone using any PC keyboard I find the easiest method is to install Veency (a VNC server) from Cydia.

Then you will be able to VNC to the phone from any PC/Mac using any freeware VNC client and type the SMS message directly into the iPhone.

Works great!

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I use OneSMS. It is free (get it from AppStore), simple to use and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone.

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