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Could any of this have caused my missed period? (read details)

Asked by timetodance (52points) July 12th, 2009

The first day of my last period was May 15th. Through June I was getting kind of stressed about money situations, then mid-June I went on vacation to the East Coast. Around June 20th, when I came back home I got sick. Coughing, sore throat, runny nose, etc. That lasted unitl the end of June. I never got my period in June. I have had protected sex twice since I’ve been back from my trip. I HIGHLY doubt I’m preggo, I know my body pretty well and have been pregnant before.

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Protected as in “i’m on the pill” or as in “he wore a condom and it didn’t break”? there’s a huge difference.

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Condom. And what we usually do is have sex, I orgasm, and when he’s about to come, I just give him head.

Plus I’ve lost a few pounds in the last few months.

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Either you’re really good at giving head or your partners are really patient
Are you eating regularly? Are you on a really strict diet? Sometimes a missing period can be an effect of a badly balanced diet and weight loss, although you’d have to be already underweight to be in that situation… I’ll ask my GF and will be back to you alter, meanwhile see if you can answer these 2…

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I’ve been told I’m very good with my mouth!
I don’t eat much to begin with, and I’m not on a strict diet. But that’s how I’ve always been, so I’m not sure why that would be effecting me now… I’m 20 now, and I’ve had my period since I was like 16. It just started getting regular about a year or so ago.. I’m like 5’4 115lbs.

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My daughter (she’s 18) has had a very irregular period since she was 13. Her period skips a month sometimes and there are times when she has 2 a month. Then there’s the times when all is normal. If you got on a birth control pill, it would regulate better. However, stress, light eating habits and even weight can keep your period from coming!

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Have you taken any medications?
I know that medications used to make my periods late or not come at all. Especially pain killers.

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Well, period skips can happen on their own, or due to medications.
By any chance are you a vegetarian?
But just in case i’d buy a home pregnancy test, just to be sure.

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The money stress and the trip east could have kept you from ovulating. If you didn’t ovulate you would not have had a period. However, it is better safe than sorry and you should probably pickup a home pregnancy test.

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If you have a history of irregular menstrual cycles, then it is possible.

I agree one often knows one’s own body, but it might make sense to spend the small amount of money necessary to end the guessing by getting a home pregnancy test.

Then you will know and can decide what to so next.

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It is possible to skip a period especially if you re stressed. I’d do a test just in case, if it comes back negative give it a month and see if you come on, if you do, problem solved, just a missed period becasue of stress, if not then contact the doctor and get yourself checked out. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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I hear often that stress is a cause of irregular periods. I would assume it’s just that until you go to the doctor and check it out. And take a pregnancy test, too. Slim chance, but there is still a chance.

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Did you have sex any time around late May early June? You’d be about 8 weeks by now, so a pregnancy test would come up positive. I’d take one and see what it says.
I have irregular periods, my last cycle was 40 some days, and the one before was 65 days!

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Stress can cause missed periods. So can insufficient body fat. However, I do recommend like others that you check with a home pregnancy test.

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@casheroo Nope! I didn’t have have sex at all at that time. I had sex in early May, and then after I got back from my trip and was better from being sick, which was about the last week of June.

Also, it would be hard for me to see a gyno or anything because I don’t currently have health insurance. I used to miss periods A LOT. Once I didnt get it for four months, but I thought I would be regular by now.. Ya know? Also by stress, I mean really stressed. My boyfriend and I are pretty much living paycheck to paycheck, and cutting it close, also I’ve been having some family drama which is never good.

@Thammuz Nope, I love my meat! Hahah.

@basp The only meds I’ve taken were like.. Sudafed and Nasal Spray when I was sick.

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@timetodance then stress is likely to be the cause, but i still suggest you do use a home pregnancy test, afterall what does it cost? 10 to 15 bucks? (it does here, i don’t know about the US) I asked if you were a vegetarian because vegetarian diets sometimes can causemissing periods if they’re not properly arranged (not enough proteins, if i recall)

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You can get home pregnancy test for a dollar at the dollar store. Doctor’s use them, they are very accurate.

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Kay, i am going to get one tomorrow before work. We’ll see how this goes.

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UPDATE: Went to Target and got a double pack of EPT tests. Took one AT Targer yes I’m impatient and it was… (drum roll please)


Doesn’t surprise me. I’m going to take the second tomorrow right when I wake up.

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Great news you are not pregnant, as I am assuming this would have been a big shock to you! I would definatly put your missed period down to stress, but I would still get checked over by the doc if it happens on a regular basis as it could be something else (not a medic so couldn’t say what) but better being safe then sorry!

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@timetodance don’t worry then, eat a bit more, relax and take care of yourself and your period will be right there this month.

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I’m not surpised that I’m not pregnant. I’ve had my period for like five years now or so and its never been completely regular. About two years ago I didn’t get it for like six months and I wasn’t pregnant. At the end of this month I get insurance at my job so ill definitely be going to the doctor.

Stress/being sick is probably why I didn’t get it. I get stressed super easy.

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The thing that usually makes my period late is when I travel by airplane and definetly stress. Dont worry, I find it that the more I worry about it being late, the more it takes!!

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@timetodance I get stressed super easy. You should try and get over that, i used to be really stress prone as well, and i can tell you, your health will have a huge increase if you manage to take it a little easierly

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@Thammuz Can’t really help it. Because of my past, and whatnot, I’m just prone to it. Plus I have a stressed induced disease that pretty much only old people get :[ but unfortunately I got it. I’ve learned to tone it down, but there’s nothing much I can do thanks to how I was brought up/things I’ve been through.

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@timetodance Boy i feel sorry for you.
I’m trying to help my GF out of a similar situation as well and i know how it feels to be constantly under stress…

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When I get really stressed I can get off my cycle and I’m on the pill. I wouldn’t worry that much. That just adds time you’ll be irregular. Your body and mind seems to have been under a lot of stress lately.

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it never hurts to check. It just sounds like you’ve been under some stress. My body does it to me when I’m stressed in any way…even when I don’t know it. Plus the sore throat, coughing, runny nose and feeling sick could be from the trip. Especially if the climate was different

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taking a big trip can throw off your cycle. i missed my period one month and was positive i was pregnant. but during the time of my missed period i had taken a trip to the other side of the country and back and had been stressed with school finals. i took a test just to be sure and i would suggest you do the same. when it comes up negative which i’m sure it will, it’ll be such a relief :)

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