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Does anyone else find it hilarious that America's Got Talent has got two British judges?

Asked by RareDenver (13163points) July 12th, 2009

Us British will decide if you have talent or not!

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I don’t watch it (any of those “talent” shows) . Don’t care.

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Makes sense. Who can judge whether a country has talent better than foreign people?

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Does it really matter , the show is a farce .

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I find it hilarious. I laugh about it all the time.

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RareDenver’s question wasn’t “Do you like America’s Got Talent?” or “Is America’s Got Talent a legitimate show?”

His question was whether you find it amusing that America‘s Got Talent has two British judges.

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I find it more hilarious that it gets any viewers. That show is awful.

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Hilarious? No.
Funny? No.
Curious? No.
Interesting? No.

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I see it as all part of this latest British invasion (last one was in the 60s). Have you not noticed that if it is British, it’s got a job on TV in America? The Geico gecko, Cat Deeley, Nigel Lithgoe, Simon Cowell, the spokesperson for Monex. They even play Americans and do the accent almost perfectly: Hugh Laurie on House.

Close behind comes the colonial expansion with actors from former British colonies dotting the prime time landscape including Aussies like the star of The Mentalist.

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@Marina – And even Christopher Guest is a goddamn English Baron! How lucky is Lady Haden-Guest?

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@aprilsimnel See, Fluther school! I did not know that. Thanks.

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It’s the contestants that are American. I don’t think there’s any requirement for the judges to be American.

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I have seen the show a couple of times, and yeah, I do;)

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I don’t watch it (I don’t watch any tv) but maybe the judges should be Indian or Pakistani, just for a new slant on accents. Apu from the Simpsons says “you suck, tankyouverymuch.”

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