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Care to help AstroChuck celebrate becoming the first Flutherer to reach 18K?

Asked by marinelife (62244points) July 12th, 2009

Please join me in congratulating Fluther’s resident jester on his ascent to the heights.

AC, you amuse, you ask whimsical and interesting questions, and you always deliver rain or shine!

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yayayayayayayayay! partay at 1am! congrats AC!

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Wow. Party at 8AM!

Congrats AstroChuck.

He may not need our help, however… He is AstroChuck…

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Shouldn’t we wait for it to become 20K for it be so much more momentous and meaningful?

Ah, what the heck..

Congrats to you Astrochuck. I haven’t really talked with you much yet but I know I can rely on you to bring a smile to my face!

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@AstroChuck You can put your mail in my mailbox any time! (Oh, did that sound suggestive? :-)) Anyway, you put a whole new spin on the term “going postal.”

Congratulations on 18K!

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I wasn’t aware that 18k was a milestone, but thanks all.
@Marina- Rain or shine is fine. Not in snow though. :)

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@AstroChuck California weather weenie! : D

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Simply outstanding. Congratulations fine Flutherite!

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I can think of no better flutherer to raise the bar and lead the charge. To the guy with the most highly anticipated posts…...Congratulations AstroChuck! See ya…

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WTF, Astrochuck! (Hey, it rhymes!). Congrats. You’re my hero!

Dog's avatar

18! Now you are legal!


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Everything is a milestone! Congrats!

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Nope. I’m waiting till 20k. Not that I don’t appreciate you Astro.

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Congrats you senior citizen~

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@Dog . . .Barely legal.

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18K? Does this mean you get to wear a funny hat now? Congratulations, new hat or not.

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So is Astrochuck basically top of the lurve chart? Is there even such a chart? Congratulations Astrochuck, you always make us giggle :)

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Congrats! The collective would like to present you with thi… wait a minute.. shouldn’t we wait till 20k?

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Obviously your answers are gold. 18k Gold. Congrats!

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Movin’ on Up Chuck. Congrats to the wittiest mailman on the planet.

Still…I’ll be more excited at 20K.

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We’ll be biting our fingernails for 20k, AC. =D

Marina, you changed your avatar again! You rebel. ; )

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@mangeons Got to not get stuck in a rut!

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Well, you are quite the rebel, Marina. Asking questions, changing your avatar. What’s next? Will you ::gasp:: PAINT A PICTURE? FEED THE DOG?

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@Marina- I still miss the ninja jellyfish avatar.

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AC is my hero. :)

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@AstroChuck I have been thinking of cycling back through to the original. So the ninja jelly may reappear.

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@Darwin my science teacher used to make us wear hats and he would sing Happy Birthday song to us.
Much lurve @AstroChuck . CONGA-RATAS

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i come bearing cake and a gift.

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Well, Marina is not far behind, so who knows who will make it to 20K first.

Gailcalled also just crossed the 18K threshold, fwiw.

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A C FTW… how can a 6 year old hoard that much lurve! Being awesome….

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I can’t believe I am missing all these momentous occasions. I am just going to have to stay up all night!

I didn’t realize you are the highessst of the high, good on ya mate!

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